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Radiograph results

10 skulls can be seen via radiograph, but due to the cramped space, the size of the puppies, and positioning there is a likely chance there will be more than 10 due to overlapping.

Bone development of puppies shows that the ...
Radiograph results

10 skulls can be seen via radiograph, but due to the cramped space, the size of the puppies, and positioning there is a likely chance there will be more than 10 due to overlapping.

Bone development of puppies shows that the bones are not as developed as they should be at gestation of around 58-60 days. Normal parturition is 65 days, but average and normal can be from 60-70 days. An educated guesstimate by the veterinarian is given of another 7 days of gestation the latest.

Physical Exam

Estimated to be between 1 1/2 - 2 years old.

Exam shows that Esmeralda's milk production at this point in her gestation is lower than average, but it is normal for pregnant dogs to produce milk rapidly the last day or more in their pregnancy.

She has mucous discharge that is not normal in color or smell for a pregnant dog. Examination of vulva reveals infection that may or may not have spread into the uterus or become worse. Doctor proscribed the antibiotic Cephalexin to be given daily until cleared. The Cephalexin is suitable and safe for use in pregnant and nursing dogs.

Fecal float revealed parasites, so Panacur was prescribed. Also safe for use in pregnant and nursing dogs.

Physical examination showed scar tissue and swelling to Esmeralda's back right leg and paw. Further inspection revealed the injury was old and more than likely was the result of reoccurring injury to the same area with improper care, leaving the paw and joint arthritic and healing abnormally.

Esmeralda's weight was far below what a healthy, full term dog her size and frame should be. Weighing in at 50lbs w/ 10 or more puppies in-utero, Esmeralda's hip-bones, shoulder outline, nodes of vertebrae, and several ribs can be seen upon visual examination.

Notes: Vaccinations of Esmeralda will be given after delivery of puppies. When puppies are old enough to be weaned Esmeralda will be re-examined for spay surgery and dewclaw removal due to extended, loose digits. Heartworm test will be after puppies are born. Vet has advised re-check on Saturday, March 23rd 2013 if she has not whelped before then. There is a higher risk that a cesarean will be needed for any puppies if not turned properly due to size of both mother and babies. If she goes more than 3 hours between puppies or has contracting and pushing with no puppies for more than 2 hours, or lower number of puppies than radiographs show, she should come in immediately or contact on call veterinarian immediately.

Doctor suggested high calorie, high fat, low or no grain, corn, soy diet and supplements to help with nutrition to both mom and puppies in utero and during nursing period after whelping. Ideal weight for body type, breed, and size after parturition is around 50-55lbs +/- if no health problems determine otherwise.

Esmeralda is a very sweet young girl who is having a hard time during this pregnancy. A heavy worm load, vaginal infection, low body weight, and low muscling have really taken its toll on this girl during her pregnancy. All we can do as of now is to provide her w/ good, nutritional sound food and medical care while she heads into the last week +/- of her parturition. We are hopeful that with keeping her quiet, calm, and stress free we can reach the goal of one more week to allow her unborn babies the best shot at life. There is not guarantee that her puppies will have problems, but she has the odds against her due to her health and lack of previous care. Despite her condition, neglect, and very likely physical abuse she has been increasingly sweet to anyone who has the privilege of coming in contact with her. No matter the outcome of her pregnancy we will do all we need to and can do for her and the babies. The risk of pregnancy alone in her weight is a problem, yet stack several different factors against her and it becomes even more unpredictable. There is no way of knowing what she and her pups have been exposed to during this pregnancy. Distemper and Parvovirus exposure in utero are two very common, terrible diseases that can ultimately leave the puppies crippled and ultimately kill them. Parasites and bacterial ailments are concerns as well.

Due to the high risk of Esmeralda’s pregnancy and her ailments sponsorship of her vet bills is greatly needed.
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