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Hope For A Family Losing Their Home
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My life has been filled with the unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life across the globe. Through my endeavors I have made many friends and have had the blessings of many wonderful people touching my heart. Many of these people have ...
My life has been filled with the unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life across the globe. Through my endeavors I have made many friends and have had the blessings of many wonderful people touching my heart. Many of these people have affected my life in ways that I cannot explain. Their stories, life struggles, aspirations, hopes and dreams have all been etched into my memory. Even though many of these people have touched my heart in so many ways, one of these people took a deep seat in my heart and their struggle has become my mission.

This person will remain nameless for the sake of not wanting to make their struggle a public brand upon them. What I can tell you is.... This family is beautiful. They are kind, loving and wonderful people. They have lived their life in situations that most of us here would find unimaginable. A life that even the most poor here would find difficult to go on each day. Rats and roaches are common to find run across you at night as you sleep. Finding enough food each day to feed a family so large is the goal they wake up to each morning. Sickness and disease is a constant fear for they have no way to even provide the children simple things like ice to bring down a temperature or antibiotics to prevent the deterioration of their immune system from an infection. But even in the midst of all this, they wake up each day smiling and loving one another and wiling to help others if they need help. Willing to give time to just make someone else happy. They live for one another and they sacrifice themselves for one another and they believe God will provide for them.

This family has nothing really. The usual situation as seen so many times in this country: Cooking only with coal, water that is not fit to drink, one light in the whole house. No TV, no internet, no beds (just sleeping on a cold floor - the whole family), no refrigerator, no stove, no oven, no airconditioning, no car, no bike, no furniture (other than a few pillows to sit on), no windows or doors as we know them and mosquitos biting you throughout the night and cockroaches feeding on your legs and arms.

The one thing this family does have in their entire world is a home. SO many people have no home here and once you are homeless you will inevitably die homeless and sleeping on the street. In the past 3 years. I have seen many of the same people sleeping on the same slab of concrete and embracing their same wife or child as they prepare to endure another night on the street. Several of these people have died in that same exact spot. One such person, I remember well, use to wait for me to finish my food at a nearby restaurant and each time he would take my "left-overs" and smile and nod. This man was kind, and mute. He was unable to express his gratitude in words, but his face spoke without hesitation. This young man died on the street one morning from malnutrition and disease. As I passed by that spot on the street, my eyes watered up and I thought: "how sad to die like that, but also to die with people just passing by thinking maybe you are still just sleeping. "

After many sleepless nights thinking about this family and worrying by myself. I realized. I have many friends that also have many friends, who have many friends. I believe in charity and I believe in love and goodness and I believe we all can make a difference. This is my plea to you. This family is about to lose their home. You see - they had a family member who was losing their home and they sacrificed their home to save another's. While doing so, they jeopardized themselves and now they are set to lose the only thing they have - their home. My mission is to raise the money to help them save their home. I am asking for your help. I have found a way to sell about $1500 worth of my own personal items to start this off. I need to raise $17,640 to save their house. That leaves $16,140 remaining.

What I am asking is that you dig deep in your heart and help. If everyone could just give $40 one time this year to help this family it would take only 400+ people to accomplish this goal. If I have 25 friends who have 20 friends who have 20 friends that are willing to help, think of the possibilities.

Those of you that know me - know that I do not ask for help for myself and I believe in doing things on my own. This family does not have that luxury of finding a way to do it on their own. This family has only prayers. I am asking that you help me to help them answer those prayers. This is not a tax deduction for you. This is not going to put your name in lights and this is not some public funded charity. This is me asking you - to help them. That simple. Now I will say my prayers that God will touch your heart and help these dear friends that have already endured so much.

Thank you for taking the time to even care enough to read my mission. I am asking you to offer your love to them too.

God Bless.
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