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Helping Chuck's Family through this tough time
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Chuckie is still in the hospital and we are still trying to raise funds for his family - a recent post by his wife Drea can be found here:
Support for Richard Chuckie Smith and his Family

Chuck had another good day. Physio went well we had him sitting on the side of the bed again, only for about 5 minutes, but he did well supported by us. He also spent about 4 hours in his chair. He did very well. 

While the physio therapist stretched his legs and asked him to push back, he did a few times. We were happy. It might of just been a reflex, but hey, it's a movement, we'll take it. 

I also worked on Thumb recognition with him today, getting a lot of movement from them, however I'm trying to focus on meaningful moves, like thumbs up, up and downs, not sure if any of them have been response moves, but hoping he's making a connection.

I cant tell you how amazing it feels for his thumb to stroke my hand, ( he used to). After weeks of a limp, lifeless hand. I dont know if its purposeful, but it still is so comforting. 
I cant even express...

He still is opening his eyes and at times very wide. Some times its a blank stare at the ceiling, other times he tracks back and forth and sometimes he fixes on a person or movement. 

We notice times of "sleep" and times of "wake" by heart rate too.
We see displays of annoyance or discomfort, with his scowl, clenched fists and teeth grinding. Oh man, that sound is horrific. 

Waited most of the day for the schedualed Bedside procedure. He was supposed to change out his Trach tube, but no one came. Still no confirmation on transfer to Surrey Memorial.... Nervous about it anyways.

Got home in time to Pick up our Son from Daycare today. I havent been there to pick him up since the accident.
6 weeks..6 weeks.... sometimes I cant believe it. 

It feeels like everything has been on hold, I feel like I'm still here and everything and everyone are moving ahead. I've already noticed the passing of a season, and big changes in the kids.... I feel like I missed it. Feels like one continuous blur of endless walking up and down hallways, washing hands, figuring out new staff, and riding elevators.... 

I got to read Ryder a bedtime story, ....I know I dont, "read it like Daddy" as he tells me. I guess I focus on the "reading" part , rather then the "feeling" part as Chuck would do. Lots of smiles and cuddles as they would read. The story wouldnt be as important as the time spent together. I miss listening to the two of them through the baby monitor, I know Ryder misses the Bedtime, time too.

I took this picture in March, a couple weeks after Chuck got Home from camp. I remember the feeling of being complete again, having him home, ...and the happiness for our kids.

Keep the Faith, ...dont stop Believing Drea

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