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However it is one of the photos I found online that comes closest to what I currently look like (so much so I had to get a close-up and double check)

As some of you know I am NOT a small person anymore. Not like I was in High School (not too many of us are), but I have been fighting for the last 7 years to get my weight under control and stop gaining. I did that 7 years ago with the Lap-Band. I even lost some weight as well. over the last 7 years I have lost a total of 91.1 pounds. Knowing that is a LOT of weight I am still SEVERELY overweight with a BMI of 57. My saving grace is at the moment I do NOT have any real Co-morbities that go along with that (High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, ETC.) Basically I have 2 adult bodies on my little frame of a body. That's REALLY not good for anyone.

So yesterday I went to a plastic surgeon. No not for a tummy tuck (even though we went over that option for a possible future idea) I went in for a consultation on getting a Panniculectomy. What that is in the most simplest terms is the "Belly Apron" removal. They ONLY remove that extra skin in that area. The doctor said that by removing that it should weigh about 10 pounds (this is ASTOUNDING). The amount of skin he would have to remove is approx. 13 inches from my belly button (about 1.5 inches below it) to my pubic bone. And he would go from hip to hip. the hip side is approx 5.5 inches from top to bottom (I just measured his marker line). The part that you see that he would remove is approx. 5 7/8 inches long. So this is like me carrying around ANOTHER baby.

The cost for this surgery will be $7000 CASH. I do NOT have insurance ($700 a month just for me on Chris' insurance or $900 a month on OBAMA insurance). So as you can tell OC is NOT a good idea for EVERYONE!

This is my Donation cause. I am putting this up so that others can donate if they wish to help me get my surgery. The doctor said it is medically necessary for me to get this. At the moment I am under constant pain and moving around is not easy by any means. walking, riding a bike, and anything else that involves moving my legs in an up and down motion is like kicking myself in the stomach with each lift. The term no pain no gain does NOT apply here. I can handle the muscle burn but the constant punching/kicking in the stomach/belly is NOT what they meant.

The doctor asked me how long I have been at my present weight. That answer was easy 2 years now. He would not have considered me to be a good candidate for this if my weight was still fluctuating. If you would like to get a personal idea of what this is like for me take a ruler/tape measure and hold it at your pubic bone and go 5.5 inches south while standing. that's where my Pannis (belly) stops. As crazy and wild as I am personality wise you would never think that anything gets me down. I hide my feelings very well. It is not anyone else's job to make me happy. In this world it is my job to be the glue to help others hold it all together. I find that this is my personal mission and the mission that I am guided to do every day. I am that person that would rather crack jokes at my own expense just to bring a smile to your eyes. So I suppose this is a plea for help not for me but for those I am currently helping and for those that I will help in the future. I want to be able to get this so I can start exercising again and so I can play with my grand kids, so I can go into a hospital and talk to people and not constantly be in pain because I have to pour myself into the chair so I can sit down and chat with them and try to make them feel better. So I can go help someone clean their house, do dishes, or just not break something I sit on by being this way. I want to do these things. I want to help others. I LOVE helping others.

This is what I want for others more than for myself.

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