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What a difference a day, a week, or even an hour can make! Lexi Nicole Lee was born on January 7, 2014 3:52PM at Texas Childrens Hospital Women's Pavilion! She weighed 2lbs 3oz, or 995 grams to be exact! She came out at 13.4 inches long and is ...

What a difference a day, a week, or even an hour can make!

Lexi Nicole Lee was born on January 7, 2014 3:52PM at Texas Childrens Hospital Women's Pavilion! She weighed 2lbs 3oz, or 995 grams to be exact! She came out at 13.4 inches long and is what we call a fighter!

Lexi's First Pic Debut

Before I explain the story, let me tell you that Lexi's due date was March 24, 2014. Mom and Dad have been told that Lexi will probably stay in the NICU until at least her due date! There will be gas costs, food costs, doctor bills, medication for mom, baby items and probably things I'm forgetting or just not thinking about! 

We are asking those that are interested to help in putting like $5 or $10 every couple weeks in for mom and dad as they begin a long road! They are not asking for this but with Steph just being discharged due to complications, they are drained, tired, emotional and hate leaving sweet Lexi at the hospital! I know personally I can put in $5/week because that's just one less smoothie, fun drink, or even fast food meal!

Steph began having high blood pressure problems right before Thanksgiving. She had been given some medicine early on in the pregnancy due to some family history and a few higher readings at the office. At this time Steph started taking the medicine regularly as it seemed her body had already started rejecting things. Steph had been awesome at keeping a book of readings and knew exactly what was going on!

It was the Monday before Christmas and Steph was told to go to the hospital to be checked out with her high blood pressure. The doctor did a whole bunch of labs and Steph was admitted to the hospital and did not get to go home until Christmas Eve. She was told that she was on the verge of pre-eclampsia and her labs were headed in the direction of HELLP syndrome. (I'm pretty sure that is something no to-be mother and father would want to hear) Steph began doing absolutely nothing and her couch at home became her best friend!

The Monday after Christmas Steph had a follow-up appointment with her doctor(Dr.Bertles) in the office. At this time Steph was checked out and they did a 1 hour glucose test in which she scored big numbers - therefore landing her a trip back on Friday for more lab work and the 3 hours gestational diabetes testing! Friday came (along with swelling and more high blood pressure) and the doctor was really hesitant as to whether to let Steph go home or to be admitted for the rest of the pregnancy (only 28 weeks at this time). Ooooo, along with scoring the addition of gestational diabetes! Go Steph! Thats what they say about these Texas people....go big or go home!!! ;)  Dr.Bertles said that Steph could go home, but if she came in and checked her lab results any that weekend, it was possible Steph may be getting a phone call. Saturday came and went and then Sunday came. 

The phone rang at about 9:00AM and was from a restricted number. Steph knew at that's going to be Dr.Bertles; which it was. It was time for Steph to go to the hospital and just pray that baby could stay in a little longer. Steph's liver enymes had gotten too high, her platelet count was dropping, and her blood pressure was not being controlled with her oral medication! More labs were taken, she was given a steroid to help develop babygirls lungs, a 24 hour urine was started again to check protein levels, and IV medicine was started to control the high blood pressure! After the first lab results came back and the liver enzymes climbed even higher, it was time for Steph to go to Texas Childrens and to prepare for little baby to arrive! Lots of emotions.... along with an ambulance ride....and the start of Magnesium Sulfate. For those of you that do not know, the purpose of the Magnesium was to prevent Steph from going into a seizure. Having blood pressures of high 180-190s over 100s was extremely dangerous!

Steph got to Texas Childrens Hospital Women's Pavilion on January 5, 2014 in the evening and was on a high risk women's labor and delivery unit! She was given many medicines for blood pressure and was unable to get out of the bed. She began having issues with her right eye and they wanted her to have absolutely no stimuli! As the evening went and more IV's were put in her and labs were drawn, it seemed as though little babygirl was going to be here that evening or in the morning! BUT....God had other plans! As the anesthesiologist was talking with Steph about placing the eipdural on Sunday evening, her platelet count came back and was higher than it had been! and her liver enzymes were not as cirtical as they had been! PRAISE GOD!!!! We had prayer warriors each step of the way and it showed God's faithfulness along with the love of Christ being shown through SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!

Monday came and went and was about the same (and Steph got the second steroid shot for babygirls lungs)....Steph's BP was finally being controlled and her blood levels were either improving or staying at about the same! (the doctors and residents didn't think it was going to happen that way) Monday night the nurse and doctor informed Steph that they would do more labs in the morning and if they improved it would be possible for Steph to be moved to a different unit and to not push forward with delivery. That was an excellent thought and allowed Steph to get a meal and great night sleep, but unfortunately it didn't happen that way! 

Tuesday morning came and so did the doctor coming in saying that babygirl would be delivered in about an hour. Now that hour was actually in 7 hours, but thankfully Steph wasn't considered as emergent as the other cases that kept bumping her out of the OR for her C-Section! Which brings us back to the sweet birth of Lexi girl! (aka buttercup)

Hi world!!!!

Steph had to stay on the magnesium for 24 hours after delivery and wasn't allowed to get out of the bed or do anything until it was off! It was over 24 hours later when Steph got to take the first trip to the NICU to see sweet Lexi! (and a week later until Steph was able to be discharged and see home for a tiny bit)

Seeing Lexi together for the first time!

This is going to be a long road! I will be faithful for praying for sweet Lexi, dad, and mom (as mom is still on LOTS of BP's from the pre-eclampsia and her body is still recovering) and ask you to join us in praying for them all!!

For those that want to help and/or are able(whether in prayers or monetary), I will say THANK YOU and we praise God for each one of you. 

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