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This year I have been volunteering for a charity and NGO in Tanzania called Village to Village. Whilst here I discovered two dogs locked in quite awful conditions. There names are Bruno and Egypt. Bruno is an alsation doberman cross and Egypt is ...

This year I have been volunteering for a charity and NGO in Tanzania called Village to Village. Whilst here I discovered two dogs locked in quite awful conditions. There names are Bruno and Egypt. Bruno is an alsation doberman cross and Egypt is a local breed of some sort. Both are very loyal and loving animals an I have spent much time in their company here.
When I found them they were in an old generator house about 3ft by 3ft. They were able to go outside into a small horseshoe shaped area but this was even smaller than the concrete box they could get their shade and shelter from. They had no water supply and were eating black mouldy unwanted meat and maize flour. I should explain here in Tanzania dogs are for security only and people are very scared of them. If a dog is black it is feared even more so due to superstitions.
When I found them Bruno was cowering scared, no doubt waiting his next beating or soaking with a hose pipe. Against the advice of the locals I released them both for some exercise. I was told Bruno was the most feared and viscious dog in the village so I had my reservations. Crouched in this tiny place they had lived for 2 years (all of their lives), I found myself staring this supposedly evil dog in the face with no ecape. I was greeted with a gentle lick on my nose. I knew then that thses two dogs were in no way the viscious creatures the locals thought they were. He was not overly thin I must admit, not compared to most dogs here; but they were both covered in sores from the concrete floor they lived on for so long and it was a sad sight that broke my heart.
Bruno could not run properly as he hadnt exercised correctly for so long, he was clumbsy like a new born deer or something. It took me an hour to get them back that day. Now, I am glad to say, they come to me with kisses and cuddles and frantically wagging tails when ever I see them.
I have built them an enclosure with shade and soft dirt to lay on. I give them water regularly and they are fed cooked meats that are left over by the local butcher. I also gave the dried fish to vary their diet. Its hard to get normal dog food here like pedigree chum etc.
I have walked them, the locals think I am crazy walking two dogs on ropes. The first time I did Bruno could not move the next day. Like an old man he was stiff and rigid, presumably from pulled muscles. I give them tick and flea baths and they are in the most part happier dogs. However it is not a happy ending. I had to leave them in the care of the locals a few times due to my being ill with Malaria and busy with some projects I am involved with. Upon returning they often had no water again and their mess was mounting up.

I fear the worst as I am about to leave Tanzania for the UK and I know they will both be locked away and not cared for once more. This is why I am writing to as many organisations, such as your own to hopefully find help. I have no home in the UK due to my aid work in Africa and my parents home can not fit Bruno and Egypt.
I am aware it will take me 6 months to clear quarantine to get them back in to the UK, however I know 6 months quarantine and the possibility of a loving home back in the UK or US is better than their fate if I leave them here. This is why I write to ask if I can have any assistance from yourselves once I get my two boys back to safety be it the UK or US, the thought of leaving them here is gut wrenching and I just cant bare the idea of it. If I to get Bruno and Egypty back to the UK can I then seek your help in finding them a new loving home? I also worry about splitting them up, they have only ever known each other.
They are a team. To give an example, I discovered whilst walking them Bruno who is far bigger than Egypt is scared of motorcycles. Egypt was fine until he saw them scaring Bruno, once he saw this he now stands guard between Bruno and any motorcycles and barks frantically until they pass, he then checks Bruno is ok. They are so loving toward one another. That is just one example of many.
As you can tell these two wonderful dogs have stolen my heart, so I ask can your organistion be of any assistance to me in finding them a new life back in the UK or US.
Warmest Regards
John St Julien

The Kris Kelly Foundation has found a home for Bruno and Egypt in the US. We had planned to rehome them in the UK however due to time scales and very tight quaranitne laws this wont be possible to do it seems.

We are now raising funds to fly Bruno and Egypt to Los Angeles to start a new life with a loving family and new home.

Thank you for any contributions, love light and blessings :)

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