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A PLea for help with the feral Cats continues
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Although the progress is slow and scares us if we think too much we have gotten them cats set up for parasite treatment and anti biotics as well as other needs that differ for each one but are all vital to keep them safe and healthy through the winter
We succeeded in placing 13 of the new (not of our colony) cats by transporting them to 3 different homes across Washington. Only 5 were actually feral and they are being kept together on the property of a farm animal rescue that has cared for colonies in the past.Now we are left with the chore of building a safer life for the colony we have allowed to live on our property for the last several years after they were bred to be sold ( most were white or Siamese with long hair) then abandoned when the people were evicted. The landlord chose to trap them under his house an use bug spray to try and kill them all at once but granted me 72 hours to get them off his property before doing this horrid act. We cannot even explain how hard it was to convince 39 cats that the home they called theirs for over a decade with the oldest ones was NOT theirs at all and even though they had been left for close to 2 years to grow into a feral colony .they must now trust us humans to move them to keep them safe. But we succeeded in moving them an although it took months before they stopped going back there hoping it was still home ,over time they became "ours" . We spayed them,got shots an wormed an flea treatments an fed them the best we could afford as they were quite a motley looking crew. Now almost 4 years later they all have names, we have bottle fed an then adopted out to families at least 3 dozen babes that came with the first move. They have brought new cats into the fold an a few more litters have been born before we knew that unspayed cats had joined up,we have lost several to old age an have watched them become fat and sassy and healthy. And to my great surprise we have fallen in love with a colony of feral cats . They are no longer our responsibility only, are us doing the right thing..they are "FAMILY" . They trust us , Momma cat, the oldest of our colony at 15 plus is deaf an slow but she is still as feircly protective of her charges as she was as a youngster I bet. She was the one they started of with to breed an sell then she was left out to fend for herself an her family \when they moved away. When the farmer plowed after 15 years an the pack of coyotes started prowling for food last month we did our best to protect them but when we were awoken to the devastation of a right out slaughter in our back yard , the newest cats who had came to us looking for safety from these coyotes stood no chance as most of them were not even feral ( we were able to place the survivors in family homes as they had been pet cats at one time at least) our colony fought (many to the death) to protect these new , inexperienced friends they had made but the kittens who had been dropped off by another person whop thinks that "rescue" means "drop your unwanted pets in our Yard" were shredded, 3 adults were in was horrific, a night mare I will never stop seeing./ So now we MUST build better shelter to protect our colony, the 13 we transported out will all be safe now but our 27 cats are a family a colony that has to stay , together, its what they do.It's what they are, brave, loyal, funny and timid, all this and more is what they are an they are all of it TOGETHER. So we must build them houses that will keep them warm an safe an protected from predators as many are old now an cannot keep fighting for survival.We have 4 left that were injured but not killed in the attack that we need more vetting for them as well.The three youngsters who were injured also will need spaying. Claudia, the only babe to survive the attack is doing better an will be ready to find a forever home in a few weeks. Please help us raise funds opt buy the supplies we need to pull thsi project off if u can. Every dollar we get is a massive help. We cannot just not wathc them being killed off thsi way but the entire situation has already drained us and we really need help an will be forever thankful for every dollar we can raise. If you cannot help please share. Thank you.
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