Raven needs help with medical bills and care
Raven is the sweetest little black and white kitten with deep blue eyes you have ever seen with a great personality she was born on 3/14/13 deaf and has a rare condition where her two front legs are shorter than normal cats with enlarged front paws... See the whole story
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Raven is the sweetest little black and white kitten you have ever seen with a great personality she was born on 3/14/13 deaf and with vision issues and has a rare condition where her two front legs are shorter than normal cats. Her front paws are what are considered "mitt" paws or abnormally large. Her hind legs are twisted. Her left hind leg is twisted completely around to where her paw is facing in the opposite direction with severe clubbed feet on her back paws which make it nearly difficult for her to sit for long periods of time before she falls over from lack of upper body strength and it is even harder for her to walk. She can take a few steps but right now she mostly crawls and scoots along as her brothers and sisters run around her.
Raven has a regular Dr. now and has been diagnosed with the following:
-Angular Limb Deformities in both hind legs.
- Mild Valgus at R carpus
-Severe Varas At Metatarsophangeal joint and
at tarsal joint
-Walks on Lateral Surface of
distal Metatarsal 5 w/Toes
Curled Mediocaudally
-RR Club Foot
-Visual Challenges but will have to be older to test
-Deaf but will have to be older to test for complete diagnoses
-Shortened front legs
With one paw that points outwards in front.

Raven will need to see her Dr. on a weekly bases for her splints to be changed and to be observed for any sores that the splints may have caused. She will also need to see a specialist for her vision and another one to confirm the Dr.s diagnoses of Raven being deaf. She will also need therapy and corrective surgeries along with medical supplies for her splints. In May, Raven will start to receive monthly x-rays to see how her bones are forming. This will all be forwarded to any specialist that will do her corrective surgery. She will most likely be refereed to San Antonio, TX or Austin, TX to see her specialists when that time comes. We are doing everything that we can and it breaks our hearts to ask for outside help. We are just so grateful that there are so many loving people who we call Raven's Angels on her Facebook page A Future For Raven: A Kitten Born With Disabilities-her whole story is posted there and we make daily posts and pictures of her progress.
All donations will go directly to Raven's medical care and gas to get her to and from the weekly medical appointments that she needs to attend. We are truly thankful for the kindness and love that has been shown to our family and to Raven so far in our journey with her. She is still young and we hope to have her diagnosed and have all issues corrected to the best of the vets abilities so that Raven can lead a long and healthy life. Thank you for giving what you can. We deeply appreciate it more than you will ever know.
Julie and Raven
PS. Please leave an address or email her Facebook page if you are concerned about your privacy, so that Raven and I can send you a very thoughtful thank you note. If this is something that you would like. We want to show all those who support Raven just how much we do appreciate their donations. Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
love Julie and Raven
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