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Paper Thin DC Voltage Generator - "Printed Power"
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Ended Mar 15, 2015

Printed Power!  Voltage on a piece of thin material -paper for example- which lasts much longer than any battery known today?   Yes, it now exists! 

DC Voltage generated using non-toxic , non-moving, long lasting, and even EDIBLE materials!

Seeking a crowdsource for funding the development of this power source into something useable for the world.

Funding will aid ALL points on the development of this discovery into something that could be a game changer for electronics, power supply, and even in alternative energy for transportation. 


Financing needed to obtain laboratory workspace or appropriate office space for experimentation, payment for related services (manufacturing + development) for multiple electronics testing devices, multi-meters, oscilloscopes, safety equipment, and tools for prototype work. 

I intend to put my full time effort into the development of this, and release to the public the full results, with plans to build your own, as well as offering my own product line of available power sources made from this layering process.

With this technology... in the future, we could indeed see wearable voltage generating clothes, newspapers + books which power themselves, metals pressed in such a way to produce their own voltage, new internal electronics made with the material which would then provide voltage to themselves.

"Books" of paper stacked to make greater voltage?! 

The days of the 9V battery.. the days of the AA... AAA battery.. the days of the 12V battery for your car... the days of lithium ion batteries for everything could be over. 

Further research is needed. 

Your contribution to this fundraiser will provide the funds I would need to properly devote my full time into developing this.  Much finer manufacturing, higher grade materials, and an appropriate laboratory (closed experiment lab) are needed to do these experiments properly.

The initial results speak for themselves. Seen in this video here:

Generates 0.5V DC per square inch (or centimeter)!

Thickness is paper thin. 0.9 to 1.0 μA / 0.5V DC (micro ampere and voltage per mm)... YES... that's per millimeter!

Once experiments are appropriately done in a controlled atmosphere, witnessed by multiple peers via peer review, then the options open up for manufacturing.

An electrical engineer will be needed for schematics , and copyrights / patents will need to be filed (as I am not an electrical engineer or a lawyer- yet!).




Longer description of the device:

I have literally made a "printed" paper thin DC voltage generator on a 1inch piece of paper.

Total thickness is about the paper hair thinness of a sheet of printer paper!

NOT a "battery".. rather, it is actually generating electricity... it is a paper thin non moving generator which constantly produces voltage (with no heat!).

Not a chemical reaction, as the DC current is generated by a sharing of electrons between hard surfaces!!!!!!!!! Voltage is being generated via ionization discharge between elements (also known as "electronegative discharge"). Literally electrons passing between elements layered in a particular order.

If manufactured properly, the results will be much better, but as it stands right now this is a HUGE Breakthrough.

PRINTED VOLTAGE .. generating power which lasts as long as the layers are together! Stacked together, or made larger, could power much more than a 9V or 12V source. If made in a 'book' could theoretically provide 120V or 220V DC .. also 20amp service to homes (theoretically) !

Initial experments prove this source generates 0.5V DC per square inch (or centimeter)! Thickness is paper thin!

0.9 to 1.0 μA / 0.5V DC (micro ampere and voltage per mm) !

IF this is perfected, we can print high voltage and low voltage paper , component chips, and self powered circuits which pull their power from this electronegative reaction.

All the materials used are either edible or non toxic! Generates zero heat, and will work in high or low temperatures.

Is also THERMAL reactive, therefore voltage actually will increase as the paper is warmed up. IF YOU HOLD IT.. it increases the voltage due to your body heat. If you blow hot air on it, it also increases voltage.  This material could be used for SOLAR PANELS, but will still generate electrical voltage at night after the heat goes away!

The possibilities are endless for this paper thin voltage application.  Everything from drywall and materials in your house making their own voltage, to actual pressing of metal in layers to generate voltage across metallic objects.  Could be done in plastics, electronic compnents, metals, paper, clothing, and many other objects we all use daily.



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