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Bambi is a disabled (limited mobility) Autistic female, who is currently homeless with her 2 cats, Scrapper & Boo Boo. They are currently staying in a pet friendly motel until they can find more permanent housing.

Bambi's Autism limits her verbal communication, and causes multiple sensory issues, like extreme light & sound sensativity. She is also physically disabled from Rheumatoid Arthritis & Fibro-myalgia. The RA caused degeneration in her left hip, and lower back, as well as pain and limited mobility in all of her joints.

Bambi also has P.A.D. (peripheal artery disease) which causes hardening of the arteries, especially in the lower legs. She has a 7 inch occlusion (blood clot/hardened artery) in the main artery of her left leg behind her knee. This causes her extreme pain in her left lower leg whenever she walks more than 10-20 steps. The only treatment for P A.D. is walking. Walking forces the affected area to create new collateral arteries to keep blood flowing to the foot and toes, so they don't have to amputate her lower legs. She has to walk multiple times daily, even though it is very painful, in order to keep from losing her legs.

Bambi also has severe pelvic pain, and migraines. Her 2 cats, are therapy cats, that help her with her anxiety issues from being Autistic. Many Autistic people have cats as service animals, because the sound of a purring cat has been found to help relieve anxiety, help stabalize mood swings that cause meltdowns, etc...

Bambi became homeless when her apartment building was sold to be torn down so the nearby college could build student housing. She has a crisis housing councelor workin to find her an apartment that she can afford, but there is way more homless people who need housing, than there is housing.

Bambi started working at age 13 and paid into Social Security & Medicare for over 30 years before she became too disabled to work. She gets a SS disability benefit every month, but it isn't enough to pay rent on even a one room apartment at market prices.

Bambi and her 2 cats are currently staying in a pet friendly cheap motel. There is only one homeless shelter in her city that takes single females, and it only has 20 beds and the waiting list to get a bed takes 1-6 months, and even if your name gets to the top of the list, you can be bumped off the list, &/or out of the shelter if they get an emergency domestic violence victim.

All donations go for shelter, food, medications, etc... costs, to keep Bambi and the cats from having to sleep under a bridge. She lives in Minnesota where temps often stay below zero for days and weeks... So, having shelter and food is pretty critical.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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