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Hi, my name is Thierry FOMEJU, I am a 28 year-old engineer from Cameroon. Born in Douala in 1986, it is between West and Central Africa that I obtained a professional high school diploma, specialized in mathematics and civil engineering. ...

Hi, my name is Thierry FOMEJU, I am a 28 year-old engineer from Cameroon. Born in Douala in 1986, it is between West and Central Africa that I obtained a professional high school diploma, specialized in mathematics and civil engineering. Then, in Burkina Faso, I obtained a professional BA in Hydraulic Engineering and Rural Equipment at the International Institute of Water and the Environment (2IE - Institut Internationale de l'Eau et de l'Environnement). After two months spent working on hydraulic drilling sites, I got hired by a multinational firm in the construction industry where I worked for four years, in between East and Central Africa.

A few months ago, while everything was going well for me, I became unemployed overnight (budgetary cuts, they say). First, I decided to get back on my feet by contacting some old colleagues. However, it was in vain. That is when I told myself that I had to take matters into my own hand if I wanted to get out of this bad situation. I put together the savings that I had left after my weeding (it is while I was on a leave for my wedding that I was cowardly evicted from the company) and I decided to launch my own company.When I told a the idea to a few friends who are in the same situation as I am, they responded “This is complete madness, the business sphere is way too complicated!”

Unlike my friends, I always had a major interest for finances and I was convinced that my idea could evolve into something interesting. At first, I wanted to invest in African street art that I have always loved and that is now experiencing a spectacular expansion. However, while observing all these young people that were spending their days at the bars, wasting their money and their talent, I told myself that there was something to do to change this situation. I knew that if this activity was all they had left to do, it was mostly because the Government of Cameroon has not designed any policy that would inform the youth in a massive way of all the opportunities available…This is how the concept NEW AFRICA Station came to life.

NEW AFRICA Station (N.A.S.) aims at two things: ( 1 ) becoming the first platform for communicating information to the youth in terms of contests, higher education, job offers, economy, forums and conferences, meetings etc.; and ( 2 ) becoming the first media platform for the creative youth to showcase their talents (artists, innovators, entrepreneurs…). In addition N.A.S. will provide the space to all the actors that contribute to the economic sector of the country (taxi drivers, artisans, vendors in the informal sector…) through on the ground reports where we would give them the opportunity to explain us what a day in their lives look like. N.A.S. will contribute the creation of real network that will facilitate information exchange as well, through a smartphone app amongst other things. In brief, through NEW AFRICA Station all the young people in Cameroon will be connected in real times with all the dimensions that will make up tomorrow’s world.

Why a radio ? For two reasons (1) Because in Africa radio is still the preferred media of young people after the television, and (2) The majority of the African population is young. In Douala (the economic capital of Cameroon), 75% of the inhabitants are less than 30 years old!!! Yet, there are no radios that have programs that can keep the youth interested for more than 45 minutes (mainly those are Hip-hop/Rap shows between 5-6pm). Instead radios largely prefer themes such as the static politics of Africa, religion that anesthetize the spirit, the long debates on soporific topics leading to no outcome! In the meantime, polls clearly show that this youth, dominant in numbers and full of talent, only want the attention to refocused on them and on what young people are doing every day out of the spotlight, to reverse the situation and build a better Cameroon. I am working on the project with my wife, my sister and a few Cameroonian artists who found it interesting. For instance there is TAKUS KIZER, a dance hall artist; ARMEL who just signed with Akon’s label after he did a cover of his famous song Mulema (Armel's video link). I could not forget to mention HOT MONEY, our DJ and singer (Hot Money's myspace link). Many others are here, supporting us (inventors, geeks, entrepreneurs, small retailers…), waiting to share their passion and know-how.

Armel with Akon in Dakar a few week ago

Akon and Armel in Senegal

As of today, I have already put together all the equipment that will allow me to emit on FM, as well as the major part of the equipment for the production. All this have cost 13,696 euros. If I am asking for help, it is essentially for:

- the installation of the equipment by a team of professionals (3,048 euros) - setting up the premises (9,200 euros)

- developing an android app with our Ivorian partners (1,600 euros)

- a small surplus that would allow to get the business going an face any unplanned expenditures

Offices before development

Office before development

Offices after development

Office after development 

I ordered the equipment from a French company based in Nice called ELETEC SARL. The head of the sales department is M. Pierre Luc Charvin. His phone number is +33 (0)493019999 and his email address is He will confirm you that the equipment has been entirely paid and will be shipped over in mid-November.

Bill of material

Bill of material

If ever the crowdfunding goes over my expected goal, which I truly hope it does, the surplus will help me to simply create additional job positions:

1 cleaner

1 part-time security guard

1 driver that would drive our teams for the on the ground reports and also during the night .

This surplus could also contribute to launching the future expansion of the NEW AFRICA Station: the NEW AFRICA Records!

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