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Hello friends. My name is Amanda, and this fundraiser is to benefit the love of my life, a cat I adopted in 2009 named Nermal (and lovingly nick-named "Moo.") who is suffering from an unknown ailment and needs emergency surgery. She ...

Hello friends.

My name is Amanda, and this fundraiser is to benefit the love of my life, a cat I adopted in 2009 named Nermal (and lovingly nick-named "Moo.") who was suffering from a ruptured bowel and needed emergency surgery. She is now recovering from the surgery and fighting off a massive infection.  She may not be the most friendly towards new people, but when she warms up to you, she is the most affectionate, most intuitive, and most emotionally supportive pet I've ever known. Nermal was with me during the tumultuous transition from teenager to adult, and she's helped me through a lot. She's there whether I want to dance around the apartment (she doesn't always look thrilled for this, but she purrs) or if I want to hold her and cry into her fur. She's been a constant reminder that I'm not alone and that someone or something loves me at all times.

Unfortunately, Nermal needs my help this time. It started on a Tuesday when I noticed that the food dishes were not emptying at their normal rate. Since Nermal has a sister-cat, Odelle (lovingly endeared "ReRe,") it was difficult to tell which cat wasn't eating. Wednesday brought about some clarification of this issue, as Nermal started hiding instead of greeting me at the door, and had started to become very lethargic. Thursday morning, Nermal started vomiting bile, and continued into Thursday evening. It was at this point that I started to recognize that she was not having bowel movements, either. On Friday morning, she came to work with me so we could get her to the vet as soon as they opened. The vet took xrays, saw intestinal gas and fecal matter blockage and gave her an enema to correct it. We were sent home with some anti-nausea medication and told to call back if problems persisted. Nermal seemed a little better Friday night, she tried eating some food, and she slept next to me on the bed. Saturday, she was lethargic, but seemed to be stable, but come Sunday afternoon, she had declined significantly. She was vomiting again, and had become increasingly sluggish. When I came home on Sunday evening, I found her in front of her water dish, laying in a puddle of her own vomit and urine. I immediately took her to the ER vet. The ER vet pumped her full of antibiotics, fluids, and pain medication and kept her overnight until I could get her back to a primary care vet. Keeping Nermal alive overnight racked up a little over $500 in vet bills. The primary care vet determined that Nermal needed emergency exploratory surgery in order to determine what was causing her ailment. During the surgery, they found that her bowel had ruptured, leaking the contents of her intestines into her abdominal cavity. They repaired the bowel, but now Nermal has to both heal from the invasion of surgery AND fight the inevitable, massive infection involved with bowel contents entering into her abdomen. She will likely be hospitalized for the next few weeks as she tries to recover.

As you can imagine, the cost of veterinary care is massive at this point. The ER visit alone was over $500, and the surgery and hospital care is edging closer and closer to $2000. I value Nermal more than any amount of money, but I'm still finding it incredibly difficult to pay these mounting vet bills. That's why I'm asking for your help. Please donate to help pay for Nermal's recovery. Any little bit would be massively appreciated.

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