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Signal Hill Sanctuary was established with the view to give a home to rescued farm animals. Animals that have suffered the industry that is the food industry. Animals such as:

Battery hens who spend their entire lives crammed into cages where they suffer immensely.

Turkeys who have been bred to grow too large, too fast, so that they provide more meat for the consumer, meaning that their lives are tragically short even when rescued, as their mass is too much for their organs and bones to support.

Pigs who are destined to spend their lives in sow stalls or farrowing crates or pens with hundreds of others in filth & excrement awaiting their terrifying & painful slaughter.

Roosters who are killed young as they do not provide the industry with food, skin or eggs so they are deemed 'useless'.

Male calves of dairy cows who are useless to the dairy industry because they do provide milk. It is easier for the dairy industry to slaughter them. Sometimes they become veal.

Goats who can be penned their entire lives to have their milk forcibly taken for beauty products or food, or live short lives only to be slaughtered for meat or be exported to be killed in other countries.

Horses - majestic glorious horses, that have finished being useful to the racing industry & would be sent to the knackery to become dog food.

Ducks who live a very short life of deprivation in sheds without water awaiting painful & terrifying deaths.

None of these animals are ever able to express natural behaviours & suffer loneliness, deprivation & boredom. Some come out the other end with both physical & psychological damage.

As you can imagine, some of these animals come to us in dreadful states; some near death, some with diseases, with mites, with lice, with infections, with injuries & some near starving. Their health care is a priority at Signal Hill Sanctuary. When these rescued beings come to us we offer them a promise - a promise to give them the best life possible for however long we can. This very often involves veterinary care. We have managed to save many lives that we thought were out of our reach. We have nursed the sickest of animals back from the brink of death. Some have slipped out of our hands as they were simply too sick, too damaged.

Of course each & every one of Signal Hill Sanctuary's residents also need food. This can be incredibly expensive because we ensure they get quality food that will sustain & nourish them through their lives.

As a supporter you can expect to be a part of the fight for the lives of innocent, living, sentient beings who have been through hell & come out the other side. You can rest assured that your support will save lives, will feed lives. It will give each and every animal who makes it here the very best chance at life that they all deserve.


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