Help Erica Fight Chronic Lyme Disease

If you’ve made it here then you are now aware of the challenges Erica has been facing with her battle with Chronic Lyme Disease.We need your help trying to raise $25K for Erica's Health Fund...

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Paul Valker is asking for your help with Help Erica Fight Chronic Lyme Disease.

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Launched Apr 30, 2013
Dear Friends & Family,

You are now probably aware of the challenges my lovely wife Erica has been facing with her battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. We need your help and are very humbled to even ask. Erica’s medical bills have skyrocketed and look to cost at least another $25K, on top of tens of thousands we’ve already thrown at seeking a cure. We are hoping that friends and family that have the means to do so will make a small donation to Erica’s health fund.

Erica’s Story
After years of mystery illnesses dating back to early childhood, multiple trips to various hospitals over the past 6-7 years, a fierce “head pressure” affliction in May 2012 that forced her into the hospital, and 15 additional unproductive visits with the “best doctors” in Los Angeles and Chicago, it was determined that Erica has late stage Chronic Lyme Disease with multiple co-infections. Yes, Lyme disease from a tick or other infection carrying parasite. We don’t know where or when she was bitten or even really how she acquired the disease but suspect she has had it for a very long time. On top of the Lyme infection, she has co-infections Babesia and Bartonella, which are two additional parasites attacking her immune system and vital organs.

Her symptoms are severe and debilitating, ranging from head pressure, extreme fatigue, light sensitivity, headaches, stomach pains, sharp stabbing pains in her head, feet, and hands, muscle twitching, tremors, heart palpitations, a slew of stomach and gastro issues, speech impairment, and seizures, for which she has been hospitalized three times. For a while she was having mostly bad days with some “good days” sprinkled in but those good days have ceased. Her immune system is depleted, her vital organs are now affected, and she’s now having trouble taking care of herself on a day to day basis and doing simple things like driving to the store. Needless to say she’s got it bad.

The only thing harder to deal with than the disease itself is finding a doctor to treat Lyme. Prior to her clinical diagnosis, we saw around 15 doctors that said she a spinal fluid leak, had Lupus, Crohns, migraines, it was in her head, or they didn’t see anything wrong with her. Most doctors wanted nothing to do with us. Finally we found a doctor that treats Lyme disease but does it in hiding so she doesn’t get sued by Blue Cross or worse, arrested and stripped of her license. Until recently, Erica’s treatment consisted of a combination of six oral antibiotics and one through an IV, which is administered through a port implanted in her chest with a central line to her heart. We deliver IV antibiotics and change her needles at home (which I have the displeasure of administering) because insurance declined the care. Erica was been told that treatment will last 1-3 years and she’ll get worse before she gets better.

In early April, her antibiotic treatments caused an infection and forced her back into the hospital, where she hung by a thread for a week. It was a close call. She’s back home now but her GP said we must cease the previous treatment plan and find a new way to treat her. Which obviously sucks since our options were pretty much zero to begin with.

We have visits to several new doctors lined up but because we have few options, we are preparing to embark on experimental treatments using a lower dose antibiotic in conjunction with IV supplements, and most importantly, hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Needless to say, insurance won’t cover these treatments and they are very, very expensive. This is where we need the help of family and friends.

We really don’t feel right taking donations from friends and family but since so many have asked how they can help and we need the assistance, I have set up a medical fund to help us get out of a jam. The fund is in a bank account separate from our personal finances and will be used solely for Erica’s medical expenses. Any remaining funds will be paid forward to another Lyme sufferer in need or will be donated to one of the Lyme foundations. If you can contribute a couple bucks, you would be helping us tremendously. We know times are tough for many so if you can’t contribute right now, we love you any way. Our goal is to raise at least $25,000.

For those of you that can make a small contribution, you may use our Paypal link here (you don’t need a paypal account, just click the credit card icons):

Paypal will retain about 3% of the funds so we are asking folks that have time to mail and actually still write checks to send funds to:

Erica Valker
501 N Windsor Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90004

For those that would like to reach out, Erica has limited communication by phone, facebook, or email but feel free to reach out and hopefully she can get back to you soon. Please pray for Erica and keep her in your thoughts and I have no doubt she will get better as the world needs her smile.

Erica email:

About Lyme:

Lyme controversy:

Lastly, if you have any family or friends that have a mystery illness that can’t be diagnosed or have been told they have Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Crohns, ALS, or MLS, please get them a high sensitivity test for Lyme. These ailments are frequently misdiagnosed with the real culprit often being Lyme. It might just save their life.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support,
Paul and Erica
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