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The art of spreading positivity through bubbles

Have you experienced bubbleism?

It is a growing movement of happy people,
blowing bubbles in public places,

here to help you
smile, laugh, play
and bring a little positivity to your day

Please help us continue our cause by donating whatever money you can, so we can buy equipment, cover travel expenses, hire venues etc. and create, positivity and happiness wherever we go.
+ donate a positive word, phrase or act of kindness.
We hope this will have a rippling effect around the community, country and eventually around the world.

Non toxic and happy scented. BE AWARE Mild side effects include spreading happiness in all ages. Can curb a crying child. Possibly bring peace to parents. In some extreme cases has been known to cause uncontrollable laughter

Bubble blowing has a therapeutic effect on both the blower/ bubbler and the people watching the the bubbles (bubblee)

Send bubbleism acts, photo's, videos and tweets here

The bubbler when breathing out helps to calm and regulate their nervous system (a bit like the breathing techniques done in meditation). This helps to calm both mind and body, reducing stress, anxiety, focussing the mind and increasing oxygen levels and hormones associated with wellbeing.

The person watching the bubbles also recieves some similar therapeutic value, by distracting them from a stressful environment (i.e public transport). Can remind people of happier childhood memories The PHLOAT happy scented bubbles are designed to encourage happiness, smiling, laughter and communication with other people also seeing the bubbles floating past them on the tube.

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Bubble exercises have been developed for the cause -
Happy Qi Gong Bubble Meditation
A Pioneering blend of Chi gong exercies and bubble meditation leads to better health, vitality and tranquil state of mind. find out more here


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