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Fly "LYING in BED" Cast to 12 Campus Engagements
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LYING in BED-The Play, is uniquely poised to tour 12 college & campuses for the 2015-16 school year. Our director, TJ Johnson, cast & stage mgr. share enough history - we've performed LiB in GA since 2011 - to tour Cole Thomas' queer-life-affirming play!

Greetings current and future LYING in BED fans. It's Cole Thomas, author, poet, and thespian lesbian!  LYING in BED has become much more than a play. It’s a phenomenon, a movement, showing its magic every place we take it here in the US southeast. How do we do it? Consistency and passion. LiB rehearsals never really end; they just morph.

The playwright – who is I – wrote this production with only moderate expectations of selling it, and, WoW, has its wide reception humbled and motivated me! It is full of heart and passion, love scenes, queer oddities, idiosyncratic lesbians, same-gender-loving and het characters; mothers and lovers, a granddad, a garden; wives both living and dead, and, well... you’ll have to see it performed, or speak to those who have. LiB is a humorous, touching, transformative EXPERIENCE.

"Soooo if LiB's so great," you ask, "Why do you need my hard-earned cash?” (I heard your inside voice just now.) I don’t need it, but that’s because I’m just tickled to death that the GA crowds came out to see it and gave it more than juicy gossip: Excellent Reviews. Alas, the not-Georgia LGBTIQ communities want some LiB, too. So we’re negotiating with drama and arts departments, through on-campus LGBT/GSA Clubs and Centers to tour during the 2015-16 school year. “Well then why can’t they pay you?” Right. That’s the thing. For each cast member, a short-crew of two (and occasionally me) to take 3-4 days off work costs about $350/person. Let’s call it a 10-hour day @ $10/hr. for 3.5 days. There are 14 of them, and I make 15. Even if a department or club spends $6000 of their budget to book LYING in BED at their campus, we need YOU to ensure our transportation and lodging, which is approximately $6000/trip, if we plan waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead; and we do. See? We first travel this October, but hope you will provide the funding HERE for our first 90 days of travel… oh, and meals. They have to eat. Me? I can survive on ramen noodles for a few days, but the Director, Stage Manager, cast and crew must eat and must rest safely.

We have been approached by or have reached out to over 30 schools in the past 18 months, and have tentative commitments from 4.  Most schools, believe it or not, still pay by check, within 30 days after the gig.  See the problem?  The other 8 schools will not hear about their budget awards for another month or two; so, we are simply preparing matters on our end.

Will you send us/bring us out to take LYING in BED - queer art and represent relationship diversity with an anything-but-stereotypical twist - around the country?

Wait. Did I mention that if we are performing twice in the same venue, we invite participants onto the stage during one of those performances? For workshops or during intermission/Q&A audience members may act out scenes in ways that offer "actors" more meaning, relevance, or resolution. Sounds complicated, I know. It’s actually quite amazing. This is LYING in BED taking a page out of Theater of the Oppressed.

Guys, this ( and my VIGIL Zines project) are the most important artistic social justice work I can do during this period. Please send donors and patrons our way. If you have a lot or a little to $$ get us in the air, know that you are greatly appreciated, and we value ANY effort you make.

“What can $5 do,” you ask? Pay for 1 MARTA, UTA Traxx, BART, Metro Rail, and MTA LIRR card, for starters!

$75-100 can pay for a cast/crew set of cards that get us between airports and hotels or hotels and colleges.

$300? Our first night stay in a no frills hotel. $1000? All three nights in a hotel, maybe one frill. $3000? “Half Trip” $6000? “Whole Trip” $7,000? “Whole Trip + Meals.”

And the thank-you gifts (TBA) and drawings will make you salivate. No, really.  KEEP WATCHING EACH WEEK!  xoxoxoxox


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