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Monstroville is an original cartoon from the brilliant mind of Von Kreep, the founder, producer, and director of Spookhouse Industries, and some of the most prolific identities in the field of animation & live action. 

"I believe in MONSTROVILLE! Perfect blend of Humor and Horror - great animation - heart-felt characters - family friendly It has the potential to be THE ADDAMS FAMILY of the 21st century"
- Clancy Brown (aka voice of Mr. Krabs from Spongebob SquarePants) 

"You know what's missing from cartoons today? Monstroville. Just think! We could fill that hole with one kickass monstery fun and funny show. What are we waiting for? Let's all go to Monstroville!"
- Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt
(Ben Tennyson on Ben 10: Omniverse & Hero Lass on Shelf Life)

Monstroville is a story of a Edward Von Ghastly, a boy who’s excitement for adventure near matches his father’s mad love of science! Along with his mechanical sidekick, Gear, Edward must protect his town from the ghouls, ghosts and monsters that inhabit it, while defending his family business against their bitter rivals, El Phantasmo and his wife Satana!

A mix of creepy and whimsical, zany antics and candy colorful inhabitants, Monstroville is a show for all ages!

"Monstroville" is a creation from the brilliant mind of Von Kreep, the founder, producer, and director of Spookhouse Industries. Along with a stellar group of artists, the show boast a cast of some of the most notable voice actors in animation, including;

- Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants, the Ice King in ‘Adventure Time’, and Jon Arbuckle in ‘Rick and Morty’, among others) 
- Clancy Brown (voice of Mr Krabs in ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, Ricky in ‘Archer’, ‘Red Hulk’, and Yakone in ‘The Legend of Korra’) 
- Quinton Flynn (Kon of ‘Bleach’, Iruka of ‘Naruto Shippuden’, and voice work of notable video games such as ‘Mass Effect 2’, ‘Kingdom Hearts’ and ‘Sonic’) 
- Yuri Lowenthal (‘Ben 10 Omniverse’, ‘Regular Show’) 
- Tara Platt (‘Ben 10 Omniverse’, ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’) 
and many more! 

Yuri Lowenthal & Tara Platt's Pitch Video:

In a far out place, past the groovy graveyard, and near the greasers joint lies the world of Edward Von Ghastly! Along with his mechanical side-kick, Gear, Edward spends his days exploring the ghoulish shadows of his town enjoying the antics of its many haunted inhabitants. From the headless specters to the cursed zombie gangs, there is never a dull moment in Monstroville!

Overlooking the Root Beer Sea, atop the Spook Hill in Von Ghastly Manor, Edward is living every child’s dream! Son to the mad candy maker, Baron Von Ghastly, and his wife Elsa, Edward will one day inherit the family business - ‘Ghastly Gruesome Goodies’ - the delectably devious candy and heart of Halloween celebrations!

However, with his father’s ideas growing more extreme by the day, its no shock that one or two of his candied creations have been known to come to life and wreak havoc on the town below! 

While his family tries desperately to keep his father in check, it is up to Edward and Gear to protect Monstroville from the shadowed menaces that dwell within and, most importantly, to spare them from the bland and tasteless candy of his family’s unscrupulous rivals, El Phantasmo and his wife Satana!

Welcome to Monstroville! 

Despite having the backing from some of the most notable identities in animation, Monstroville is being entirely self funded and is purely a labour of love. All those involved, from the writers and artists, to the dedicated cast, are devoting their time and energy towards this project purely out of belief in its potential and the need to bring it to the greater audience. 
Our first aim is to create the pilot, but animation is not cheap and a hefty sum of money is needed to bring it to full production. Without the support of you, our future audience, we cannot possibly hope to create this great passion of ours and display our years worth of dedicated work! 

To generate the look and atmosphere we want for the show, Monstroville requires $15,000 to get it off the ground. 
This $15,000 goes towards the numerous aspects that are integral to animation, including the costs of casting, recording, sound and video editing, financing the voice acting, music composition, and  the various other aspects of animation that are necessary to it's production.

By donating to out project you will get to be part of an original, quirky, and professional level animated series that is restricted only by the confines of our artistic creation, and not those imposed on us by bigger studios.

We’ve all watched an animated series and wished we could say that we were or had been a part of that, and now you actually have that opportunity! 
As a backer, you will be privy to every step of our creation and one of the first to see the final creation! You will forever be remembered by our entire team and by those around you as someone who selflessly donated to an amazing work of pure artistry!

Worry not, dear backer! There are a ton of rewards that you will receive for each level of donation you are willing to give! These include personalized thank you's, prints, digital downloads of the episodes, digital downloads, signed DVD's from the cast and crew, scripts, storyboards, animatics and MORE! The amount of rewards limitless the higher you donate! 
So what are you waiting for! Rewards, gratitude, and involvement in one of this centuries most unique animations is only a click away!

The funds we raise will be used to generate the look and atmosphere we want for the show, Monstroville requires $15,000 to get it off the ground. 
This $15,000 goes towards the numerous aspects that are integral to animation, including the costs of casting, recording, sound and video editing, financing the voice acting, music composition, and the various other aspects of animation that are necessary to its production
Being driven by a very small group of people we are able to keep costs to a bare minimum but even this still leaves a base cost of $15,000 without jeopardizing production value.
Every donation will go towards the generation of our pilot, with any additional funds being directed towards our long term goal of hopefully furthering our dream into a full animated series.

Once the pilot episode is completed, our distribution plan is to launch this first cartoon through Vimeo On-Demand, where our audiance can either rent or buy Monstroville!

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$5 USD
Swingin' Spookster
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Your a spooky kook peeking out of a jack-o-lantern to check out our work you will receive a "Thank You" on the official Monstroville web site. Plus a digital download Zombie cut-out mask!
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$10 USD
Graverobber from Outer Space
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Your a creep that lurks the planets you'll receive a personal "Thank You" video from creator Von Kreep, Monstroville print, and super secret video updates showing our progress including behind-the-shrieks.
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$25 USD
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As a creature that howls at the moon you'll receive a "Terrifying Thank You" credit. Plus a digital download of the comic book & pilot episode.
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$50 USD
Blood Sucking Fiend
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Your a blood sucker of the night you'll receive a "Special Spook-tacular Thank You" credit, and set of Lobby Cards featuring scenes from the episode, as well as the rewards mentioned above.
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$100 USD
Gruesome Greaser
  • 0 claimed
As a deadly kreepster of the drag strip you'll receive "Kreepy Associate Producer" credit, a signed (by the entire cast, and crew), copy of the DVD, and official Monstroville T-Shirt.
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$500 USD
Mad Monster Candy Maker
  • 0 claimed
Mad Monster Candy Maker
A maker of unspeakable treats, you'll receive "Frightful Eek-ecutive Producer" credit, 5 DVD's (signed by cast & crew), a production title card signed by the artist, and official Monstroville Edward Von Ghastly T-Shirt. In addition to these ghastly goodies, you'll also receive a signed copy of Von Kreep's magazine Monster Shindig issue #1.
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$1,000 USD
Super Duper Spook Master
  • 0 claimed
As our Spook Master you'll receive all of the above plus, "Spooky, Kooky Producer" credit, and Batty character Maquette sculpted by Jason Rosen of Skinwalker Studios. In addition to these ghastly goodies, you'll be our special guest at our premiere party. Meet the entire cast! (NOTE: We won't be able to pay for travel, hotel etc!)
AND one of our character designers will transform you into a bone-shivering background character for the episode!
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$2,000 USD
Trick-or-Treat Package
  • 0 claimed
With this spooktacularly amazing package you will not only receive all of the above, Von Kreep's sugar coated "Trick-or-Treat Package" which includes everything from script, storyboards, and artwork, and more. Plus you'll have the chance to design your own gruesome character for the show and participate in 3 Skype sessions with the design team!
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