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SEEC - Spiritual-Ecological Education Center - is an educational organization founded by Edward Alexander, 2013. The goal of SEEC is to offer schooling and studies for an alternative life-style, with main focus on ...

SEEC - Spiritual-Ecological Education Center - is an educational organization founded by Edward Alexander, 2013.

The goal of SEEC is to offer schooling and studies for an alternative life-style, with main focus on Spirituality and Ecology. It is to release all material, teachings, information etc for FREE in books, videos, audio, articles, lectures, classes, presentations and so on, for the TRUTH to be available to ALL!

Check out my books here:

Edward Alexander is developing a system of teaching outside the traditional and orthodox ways, where different topics falling under "forbidden knowledge" is offered to the students.

His purpose is to de-program people from their life-long indoctrination and brainwashing by governments, mainstream science, religion, the educational system and the media.

At SEEC, students will come to know their true selves, and discover the hidden and suppressed abilities of their Mind and Soul. They will learn about the concealed and forged history of Mankind, the lies and deceit of the Powers that be, conspiracies of the world will be exposed and explained, and ways to personal development, healing, new insights and true mental and spiritual evolution will be explored.

In addition, there is a focus on an ecological and natural life-style, where students learn about how to be self-sustained, grow their own foods, and come to know different alternative energy systems for generating their own electricity and producing their own gas

Classes, lessons and studies will be offered for different topics such as:

Astral Projection, Mind Travel, Remote Viewing
Communication with Spirits, Angels & Guides
Dowsing with Pendulum and Wishing Rods
Psychic Self-Defense and Spiritual Protection
Healing and Alternative Therapies
Hypnotherapy & Self-Programming
Past-Life regressions and exploration of other Selves
Mind-Control & Brainwashing in Society
Non-physical energies, invisible beings & inter-dimensional entities
Spiritual & Natural laws that governs and affects us
Meditations & Inner Journeys
The Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Conspiracy
Lies & Deceit of the Media and Governments
Alternative History & Forbidden Archaeology
Suppressed Science & Hidden Technology
Magical practices, Ritual work & Ceremonies
Lectures on the Paranormal & Supernatural phenomena
Alternative life-style & ecological living

-and much more as SEEC grows!

Free newspaper on esoteric, conspiracies & spiritual - Fundraising project:

Esoteric Newspaper

Seeking assistance to start fundraising project for a magazine project I am working on. The idea is to give it out for free, monthly for starters, in physical form, locally, hopefully also by volunteers in other places around the world, small towns, big cities, anything. But I need help to get it up and going. Also, you can donate to this project through http://see-center.blogspot.comusing the donation feature there. The magazine will be a few pages long, newspaper format, with the stories you dont see in the news, to spread awareness and insights to the general population around us, handing it out to random people, putting it out in stores and stands for people to find it and pick it up, so people that dont already search out this stuff will be able to become aware of it.

Conspiracies, practical spiritual stuff, the paranormal, secret governmental projects, the mysterious and strange. Basically read the About section on Seecenter page above, to get an idea what the focus will be, I got the knowledge and experience to share this material, but I am not an organizor and need help with that part, and fundraising etc, to be able to give it out free to people. Get in touch anyone wanting to help, blessings! Contact:


Students will also be able to practice and enhance themselves, by participating in group-work, and train other new-coming students, to help and assist each other and share discoveries, knowledge, understanding, etc. Also, home-study material will be produced, recorded, written and created for those not able to participate locally.

Thus, people can still benefit from all the work that goes on, and receive lessons and courses sent by mail on booklets with guided audio CDs and Video DVDs and such. Many opportunities will be available, and large amounts will be published and presented and put out for all completely free.

So, please be patient, look through the project site at and stay tuned as the new project grows large and fruitful, spreading its wings throughout the world.

You can also check out some of my work for free, and help out buy buying some of my already published books, have a look here:


Thanks to all, blessings and love be with you, for sharing truth and assisting in building up a honest world where lies and deceit and the deep corruption will be exposed!


Edward Alexander

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