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HELP!! Homeless & Abandoned Dogs in Puerto Rico.
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There are approximately 250,000 (some estimate more) stray and abandoned dogs roaming the island of Puerto Rico.  To put that in perspective, the island is smaller than the state of Connecticut with a smaller population than the city of Los ...

There are approximately 250,000 (some estimate more) stray and abandoned dogs roaming the island of Puerto Rico.  To put that in perspective, the island is smaller than the state of Connecticut with a smaller population than the city of Los Angeles.

In the coming months, we will be traveling to Puerto Rico, saving the dogs, taking them to the vet, having them spayed/neutered, socializing them with people and other dogs at a selected sanctuary, and eventually finding them their forever home.  THIS WHOLE PROCESS WILL BE DOCUMENTED ON VIDEO FOR YOU TO WATCH AND SHARE.


Sato is slang for “street dog” or what most would call stray.  They are without food, fresh water and human companionship.  Since spaying/neutering isn’t common practice, many of these dogs are born on the street and will die on the street.  Others are a product of backyard breeders or irresponsible owners that find it easier to abandon their sick dog than take it to the vet.


We are animal lovers, human beings, who have seen firsthand, the pain and suffering that these precious animals have had to endure... dumped on the beach or intentionally hit by cars.  Some are drowned, beaten, or used for target practice.  There are those that are born without a home that are able to survive okay but have a very low life expectancy.  Then there are those that had a home at one point and were abandoned for one reason or another, these ones don't fare too well and need immediate rescue or they will meet an inevitable death by starvation.


All money raised will go 100% to saving, feeding, medicating the dogs.  Your donation will not be used toward anything personal.  All flight and accommodation and manpower costs are covered personally.  We are VOLUNTEERS! For every $400 we raise, we can rescue a dog, have them treated, spayed/neutered, fed, medicated and on the path to a forever home.  Since most of the homes these satos find are in the US, it is hard to get the word out there. That is where the video comes in.  We find that if we can document the dogs progress and demeanor then potential adopters (or even fosters) can feel more comfortable.  A perfect example is when you see a neglected or abused dog on the local news... the story, no matter how horrific, isn't a one time instance.  It happens over and over and over, that's just the one that for whatever reason got the media attention.  What comes next?  Donations to the rescuing organization and multiple applications for adoption.  We want to bring the same kind of attention to these beautiful dogs that will never have the exposure they deserve.


Depending on the response, the sooner the better.  We want to make the most difference so we'd like to reach our goal so we can save at least 5 dogs during the week long trip.  If we make more than our projected goal, we will save as many as we can.  We're hoping to start our rescue efforts in mid May.


We will be visiting the beaches/towns in Eastern Puerto Rico to feed and assess the dogs' conditions.  Whichever dogs we feel need intervention the most, we will take to a participating rescue.  We have two on board already and are reaching out to more.  They will then be taken to the vet to see if they have any underlying illnesses.  If so, we will have them treated then vaccinated and spayed and neutered.  The dogs will then stay at the sanctuary until they are ready to be transported to the US where they will have a  foster family or a new forever family.

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