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Please help, my dad is helping me through my circumstance in every way possible. He's allowing my kids to have a home when I cannot. He's opened his door to my family(2 yr old boy & a 8 month old boy) when I didn't have one. His home is their home & it's

Please help? my dad is helping me through my circumstance in every way possible. He's allowing my kids to have a home when I cannot. He's opened his door to my family (2 yr old boy & 9 month old boy) when I didn't have one. & his home is their home & it's on a fixed income with no assistance, there is just not enough. It's becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet & falling behind is now the reality. (that's an understatement) Please, if you can, help us, to not have to worry about overdue bills & worry about losing it all. Help so that my children don't have to live with the confusion of sudden life changing events for them on a level they cannot child should have to face a reality so traumatic at an age so young, it tears me up as a mom to see a family with children struggling,especially when they're genuinely trying hard to make everything work out, but mine?? I never would've thought it'd be my children and me in this situation.The cost of running a home is not an easy thing to manage. Bills add up, too quickly, & falling behind happens so very fast...when you're renting, that's very, very scary. Please help, if you can. Me getting things straightened out is going to take some time. I am tirelessly searching for work. But the combination of a seizure that led to paulsy in my left arm & Living in MI, the metro-Detroit area, it's not easy to find even a minimum wage job. Even McDonalds & Burger King hasn't had room to set up interviews...though I call them all the time asking to speak with the hiring manager regarding my apps. I'm sending my resume to every post that might consider looking at it. Nobody seems to want to give me a chance, I think it may be due to my left arm baing useless from the elbow down. Either way at this point, even after finding work I will be playing a game of catch up that I cannot win. Which at this point, is seemingly impossible. Especially considering, I receive no child support, & cannot get state assistance, other than a minimal amount of food stamps (just over $100 monthly), & medicaid for the kids (only them), Any assitance I get, I'm excluded from due to non-compliance with child support. Not because I won't go after my kids father, it's simply because it is IMPOSSIBLE due to very personal reasons. & I assure you, it's not a situation of a one night stand, or anything of the sort. It is due to a situation in which, I had no other option, choice was not a option and it resulted in pregnancy. (that's the best way I can explain it, without actually using the makes tears instantly and makes my skin crawl) But no matter the way the pregnancy was conceived, that is my baby boy, and I wouldn't want anything change about it, other than the circumstance in which was the cause of conception. Other than a miracle, I can't see a solution. Especially because when I do find work, around here, the pay is usually minimal. So I'm reaching out asking for help during a temporary hardship. Please, don't think I'm asking for help because I'm lazy, I'm asking because I genuinely need it. Trust me, this isn't my proudest action. But as a mother, for my kids, I will swallow my pride and ask people to help. Of all the things in my life I've done that I'm not proud of...this one takes the cake. This is the most humiliating thing I've ever had to do. But I would die for my boys without questioning it for a millisecond, I'd definitely swallow my pride for their well being, for their home, and for my father's willingness to sacrifice for me & my children. He is retired, disabled, and on a fixed income, yet he has opened his home to us without hesitation. I'm sure this is not what he pictured retirement looking like. & even a man as sweet as that (the very best dad in the world!) can only do so much. So at the very least, I hope to secure this current situation so I know they always have somewhere to call home at papa's house no matter what...but it's getting scary. If you could find it possible to contribute to the cause of making sure these two babies can live on; without papa having to worry. If you could find a way to help a humiliated single mom, barely able to keep her nose above water, that would be my miracle...that would save my family...thanks for reading, and thanks for your time, and consideration. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, even if it's simply for your time in reading this, or if you happen to want to help spread the word...<3

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