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Atlantis Rising
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A heart-thumpin, hip-rockin musical experience that will blow your mind, rip open your chakras, and align you with the new paradigm...
About Thrones of Atlantis:

Out of the epic 100+ original songs in our arsenal, we've selected 18 of our favorite gems to debut on our First Official Album "Atlantis Rising". Ground-breaking, uplifting, consciousness-evolving ideology, sound, and rhythms poignantly invite you into the New World that is burgeoning from the ashes of the old. Most of the tracks chosen for this album were spontaneously birthed upon our musical reunion in Portland, Oregon in 2012...before we moved to Kauai, Hawaii where we call ohm sweet ohm.

These 18 songs create an album which synthesizes the universal spectrum of oomph and feelings into one genre-spanning-force-of-nature the likes of which this world has never known! ;} Since we three are such humble perfectionists, we've decided to record, produce, and distribute the album ourselves; via the wonders of peer-to-peer social media (yay Fundrazr and YOU!) Since we already have the music, motivation, and vision, all we require is the proper recording equipment and budget to share our music and message with the world!
The funds gathered for this project will cover...

Renting a rehearsal/recording studio space: Our ideal is a private, spacious area (minus dogs, roosters n chickens) where we can set up our equipment and record the album live, in order to capture the raw originality of our free-form style.

Pro Gear and Equipment: To capture great sound, we require great equipment; such as a professional soundboard/mixing station, recording software, microphone PA system, drum-kit, stage-quality get the idea.

Production, Distribution, and Marketing "Atlantis Rising": Getting the word out about the album is a process of producing the CDs, printing our original album art, shipping, and promoting the album via internet, radio, and a variety of other media outlets. This part will be relatively easy for us, as we've already established a solid network of folks we are working with from radio, television, and internet marketing who share our sentiments about music and entertainment, and want to spread our music and message to the world. [With $5000 or more raised, we will be able to produce our 1st music video, which is a cinematic adventure of rockin' inspiration. :]

Compensation: Our engineer will require compensation for the hours of mixing/mastering the album. Several amazing musicians whose talent will be featured throughout the album will also be compensated for their time and traveling expenses.

The more funds we raise, the more mind-blowing the album will be. Wanna hear our songs captured with clean tracks of mastered quality? Want mandolins? Cellos? Sitars? Jazz Ensembles? Crystal singing bowl rock n roll? We understand that exceptional music has no limitations. Therefore, we are excited to continue to push the boundaries of our inspiration and create an album that will excite and uplift generations to come. We invite you to be a part of our celebration revolution and be the first to witness and support this ju-ju that we do-do so well.

Thank you in advance. . .

Khefreun, Tai, and Jaecinta

Our story began in Tucson, on April 20th, 2008 when we three gathered for the first time at a potluck. Since that auspicious day, we've been best friends, each of us traveling and playing music solo and with other bands. When we "randomly" reunited in Portland in 2012, we finally understood that the music each of us was creating on our own was indeed the meat and potatoes of this sound known as Thrones of Atlantis; the diverse soundtrack to the badass renaissance we are all collectively cultivating in this New Age.

Born in Tucson, reared in Minnesota, Khefreun has wandered throughout the Southwest, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and now happily calls Kauai, Hawaii home.

Khefreun has always been a performer and an artist. He began singing to show tunes at the age of 4 and participating in children's theater throughout his adolescence. By the age of 12 he was well into the world of music by teaching himself how to play many instruments.

In addition to Khefreun's musical and artistic prowess, he offers an endless wealth of knowledge as a seasoned Astrologer, providing one-on-one astrology readings for his clients, as well as regular up-to-date planetary forecasts on his YouTube channel

When asked what the motivation for his in-depth study of meta-science was he responded, "I aspire to redefine outdated theories by integrating different fields of physics, astronomy, psychology, and spiritual teachings into a universal understanding of You."

His Mission in Thrones of Atlantis is to rock the house, melt faces, blow minds, shred realities, and awaken souls to rise up and claim their free will...then celebrate with cake. ;)

Currently residing on her favorite island of Hawaii, Tai was born and reared in Tucson, Arizona. She began her musical career at the performing arts elementary school, Davis Bilingual Magnet. While there, she played the guitar with a group called "Las Guitaristas."

Additionally, she played in the school mariachi band and continued through middle school. As Tai got older, she became discouraged that her music wasn't sounding like any of the artists on the radio and that mariachi music didn't fit into the mainstream image of "cool", so she stopped playing music all together.

As she matured Tai began to awaken spiritually and her motivation for playing music was rekindled. When she first came to the realization that she had stopped playing music in order to be socially accepted, she cried and vowed never to leave music again, "I couldn't believe that I turned my back on something that consistently made me feel so good. During the roughest times in my life I would forget all about my troubles while playing mariachi gigs". She also realized that perhaps the reason why she didn’t sound like anyone on the radio was because she needed to embrace her own sound and more importantly her own message.

In addition to being a prolific musician, writer, filmmaker and photographer, Tai is also a highly valued Shaman, nutritional coach, and healer.

Her mission with the Thrones of Atlantis is to spread her message and medicine through their musical alchemy.

Born and reared in San Diego, CA, Jaecinta has called many places home throughout her nomadic life; including Seattle, WA, Tucson, AZ, Portland OR, the greater world at large, and most recently Kauai, HI.

An avid thinker and empath, she’s armed with a Master’s degree in Women’s Studies, an enlightened heart, and an optimist’s spirit. Every day she generously shares her ideology of self-respect, empowered female sexuality, and originality with the world. She is an impeccable channel, mentor, and life coach, as well as teacher of over 300 students via her free online psychic development course

An author, scriptwriter, and filmmaker, Jaecinta has co-written over a dozen epic feature films that span every genre. In addition to writing, she is a multi-dimensional actor and director. And as a model, her rich authentic beauty lends to innumerable styles and moods.

Jaecinta, like Khefreun and Tai, plays all instruments in Thrones of Atlantis: bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards, as well as composes and co-writes all lyrics and songs. Her searing yet melodic vocals paired with an always creamy delivery intoxicates the soul while her original lyrics scintillate the mind. Her music is a refined distillation of many influences and her sound is refreshingly one of a kind.

Her mission with Thrones of Atlantis is to honor the spirit within by channeling the soul; allowing it to come forth and share its stories in sonic symphonies of shredding frequency (melodrama intended ;)
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