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Since Xavier was born, I have been seeking anything and everything under the sun to help him have a better life. He has always been the light of my life, my joy, and I as his mother watched him become more and more uncomfortable in his body as he grew ...
I am writing today to update you with Xavier's progress from this last year.
Many of you know Xavier was diagnosed at age 2 with autism spectrum disorder. A mind numbing and forever life changing diagnosis.
At the time I didn't know what it meant really. I never heard of autism and had no clue what the future held. I just knew my life's mission was to defeat the odds and create more for my son than anyone thought possible. For many who've shared the road with me know its been a long one. This is definitely not a ONE size fits all type of thing. Knowing which direction to go in can be a huge confusing ordeal to the autism mom or dad. You want what's best and you seek it. When one thing doesn't work you move to the next treatment or therapy.
Since Xavier was 2, I have been seeking anything and everything under the sun to help him have a better life. He has always been the light of my life, my joy, and I as his mother watched him become more and more uncomfortable in his body as he grew older. Around puberty Xavier became more and more aggressive. I didn't know what to do. He would hit me and destroy the house for hours, sometimes days. I , alone with Xavier sitting in a muddle of confusion, afraid either of getting kicked out of our apartment due to the
continuous damage Xavier did to the apartment, or afraid the cops would show up from the screams of terror from me from watching Xavier bash his head into the wall , didn't know what to do. I had never felt more helpless and alone.
When I took Xavier to the Doctor's they told me to institutionalize him. I wasn't willing to accept this for my angel of a son who I have fought this long and hard for. I had to find help.
I had heard about an amazing Play Therapist who I wanted to come to my home and help us by the name of Aaron DeLand. When he met Xavier he said he felt he could benefit from a form of therapy known as neurofeedback. I had never heard about it. He told me about a woman , Lynette Louise, who had adopted kids with autism and recovered them and who does this therapy and that it's life-changing!
"Life-changing" you say!?! Sign me up! It turns out it's also really expensive and based on how much I would need I gave up thinking: we'll never be able to give this to Xavier. And then.....we were contacted by Lynette Louise who said she was filming a show about neurofeedback and asked if we would do the pilot!
I will admit right now, filming a reality show about my life at the hardest stage of it is not fun, but me being the mother that I am, I was willing to do anything for my son and starring in a reality tv show to give him help is one of 'em! And boy am I grateful I was willing. Because our life changed! Through the show and Lynette we were introduced to neurofeedback. A dynamic and profoundly healing therapy that helps balance my sons brain in a way that goes to the root of the problem. Finally I felt like we were given an answer that mattered. One that got to the root of the symptoms. The behaviors and the aggressions.
Xavier's life began to improve. He was no longer unable to go in public due to outbursts that could potentially be dangerous. No more of the hour long or day long tantrums. More communication. More happiness, things got better. My son was returning to me. I decided to further and deepen his healing by contacting Generation Rescue. A nonprofit that has a grant program that generously offers families who can't afford to access the supplements and Doctors support by a DAN! (defeat autism now) Doctor.
Generation Rescue's grant was awesome! They provided us with a dr ,with lab tests , supplements, and ongoing support. Part of the requirement of being in the grant program is going gluten and casein free. About 4 weeks into removing gluten and casein from Xavier's diet we saw a huge level of healing begin. He was calmer, more talkative, more alert, focused, loving. He had changed! He was getting better!Very excited to see how this diet was increasing his wellness I continued with the grant protocol every week seeing improvements increase after probiotics, fish oils, liver detoxifiers, multivitamins, and other supplements. The next phase was going back to the Doctor to get lab results. There I learned Xavier is carrying a huge heavy metal burden. He is in the 98% range of carrying a toxic load and is riddled with heavy metals. Lead, asbestos, antimony, arsenic, aluminum are some of the heavy metals and also the worst of them, mercury. He needs them removed.
It's one of those things where once again in an exhausted state I find myself needing to access deeper levels of healing opportunities for Xavier but they are not free.
Over the next four months the chelation and supplements Xavier will need will cost me about $1,000 dollars a month on top of the ongoing cost of neurofeedback and his special dietary needs
THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! I am calling on my community, family and friends to help me generate the money needed to continue healing my son Xavier's autism. We are on to an amazing new life with a huge decrease in behaviors, a huge increase in his empathy of others, language-expressive and receptive, independence, happiness, calmness, ability to focus and general overall wellness! It is truly a gift from God! But in order to continue with this wellness we have to continue with the treatments.
The hard part about this is that Xavier's doing great, but it takes a lot to continue with it and when we stop we see regression occur soon after. This is a marathon, we must not give up on this precious child who is so loved and loving! He deserves a life pain free and to be happy and independent! It is difficult to ask, but if you could please help my son, Gina's brother, by making a donation to help him chelate and continue to receive ongoing therapies that are critical to his well being, I would be so grateful! I am so grateful already for the ongoing support of our community! I feel so embraced and want those who helped us last year to know your money hired Aaron DeLand and through the ripple affect infinite blessings have come to us as a result!
Thank you so much for reading this and many blessings to you and your loved ones!
Sincerely, Jody Moore
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