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"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." - John Wayne. Ladies and Gentleman of Facebook and earth, prepare to have the privilege of helping a beautiful 22-month old pPROM toddler begin the equine-assisted therapy she needs to learn how to sit independently, walk independently ... THRIVE. Meet Lila, a vibrant, smart and loving toddler in need of some special help. Hospitalized in Minneapolis for months of pregnancy in the summer of 2010, Lila's mom -- our dear friend Aimée -- fought for Lila's life in utero knowing, due to pPROM (water breaking very early in pregnancy) and certain prematurity, chances were increased that her daughter would be born with special needs. Like all of us pPROM moms who then met online, Aimée chose to continue the pregnancy and fight for her daughter, with every hope that her girl would survive and be spared. In September of 2010, with much gratitude, beautiful Lila was born. And survived. In 2011, Lila was diagnosed with Spastic Triplegic Cerebral Palsy. As both an ever-faithful parent to an amazing girl with special needs and now a newly single mom ... Aimée still fights for Lila today. PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION to support Lila's development and wellness. And please share this with your Facebook friends. Cognitively and socially, Lila (a.k.a. Bug) is on track and is the happiest, smiley-est toddler. Trouble is, Lila doesn't toddle. YET. Despite nearly two years of intense traditional hospital therapies, while much progress has been made, at 22 months-old Lila isn't sitting independently or walking. BUT (and here's where this gets good) Lila's doctors and therapists believe that she CAN -- assuming she can strengthen her core in places where Lila's traditional therapies aren't having as much success. Knowing the vital impact of early intervention (the earlier, the better), Aimée pressed, "So, what can we do for Lila now? What will *really* help her sit? Walk?" Enter "Hold Your Horses" equine assisted hippotherapy services and their therapy program for kids JUST LIKE LILA. Referred by Lila's doctors and therapists, last month Lila visited Hold Your Horses (30 minutes outside of Minneapolis) for an assessment. After just one quick and giggly spin on her pony, Lila could immediately sit better. Immediately! :) THIS is Lila, folks! Testimony from a cross-section of physicians and physical therapists attests that MANY kids like Lila have taken their first steps after experiencing time on a horse. An impressive percentage of young hippotherapy patients also report an increase of energy and verbal skills (which Lila needs) in addition to their physical gains. Still ... insurance companies won't cover it. Here's where we come in: These already-proven courageous and self-sufficient women would never ask for financial assistance for themselves, so their community is asking on their behalf. We can make a HUGE difference for a little girl who is filled with joy and spunk (and happens to have Cerebral Palsy as a result of pPROM and prematurity). Please help support Lila during this critical developmental period -- specifically with the ability to sit and walk -- by making a donation.* ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP. Our first goal is to raise enough money to fund six months of hippotherapy at Hold Your Horses for Lila (starting at once!), so she develops the strength and ability to sit and walk, while having the most joyous time doing so. Lila has already spent much of her young life working hard in traditional, hospitalized therapy ... often knowing that it's work. And she just LOVED being on that horse ... so hippotherapy would be a perfectly targeted opportunity for Lila to continue therapy without it feeling like yet another medical appointment. You don't have to already know or love a child with special needs to imagine the blessing of therapy-not-feeling-like-therapy for a kid. For those of us who know and love her fearless, hardworking mother Aimée, we don't want to think about our sweet friend booking up their future with dozens more, less-promising "standard hospital therapy" appointments, all the while knowing that something as simple as saddling-up could make all the difference for her girl. We are SO EXCITED AND GRATEFUL that a program like Hold Your Horses exists for a kid like Lila. To see how this girl makes the most of therapy, click her photo above for a video-glimpse of "Attitude Is Everything" in action. Oh, The Places She'll Go! LET'S GET THIS BUG ON A HORSE! All additional funds will be used to offset the financial burden a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis brings and to support Lila's full potential through standard and alternative therapies. Please help spread the word! *Donations to Lila's Support & Wellness Fund are not tax deductible; they are a much-needed gift for an amazing girl and her loving mama.
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