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Greetings readers and animal lovers-- i'm Julie and i'm a single mom entrepreneur and activist with two kids and two cats, and we are ALL SICK. I and Lara and Natalie are sick because our 3rd rescue Porchie...

Porchie in the sunshine :-)

...has ringworm and now we all have ringworm-- since February. Cammie,

Our little angel Cammie :-)

however, has an upper respiratory infection and is so stuffed up she can barely breathe-- she has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in the past 2 days (writing this on 6/24) and i am beside myself with concern, guilt, and fear!

Lara works at WaWa. Natalie graduated last week and has already applied for employment. My business is slow and i am waiting on an early July job interview for my dream organizing position...we are running on empty over here for a bit while i am under-employed. I am behind on ALL but 2 of my bills and we just can't afford the vet. None of us even have health care.

Porchie's ringworm has us all experiencing something very much like poison ivy-- and wherever Porchie goes she leaves more contagion as we obsessively bathe, do laundry, and clean (draining time, energy, and funds). We are constantly dealing with our itches, burning inflammation, and painful massive hives. I had one that covered 70% of the back of my calf. I just got over 15 hives on my face last week. Lara has over a dozen breakouts all over their body and is terrified they will not be healed before they go back to work in 2 days. Natalie has had many rounds of miserable terrible breakouts and has 10 patches right now.

We are constantly applying spray, taking remedies, applying antifungal's totally gross! But we keep getting it in waves cuz Porchie still has it. I have spent money we needed for bills on treating us and buying a ringworm dip/cure for Porchie, but it is recommended to shave the cat for this to be successful, and nearly 2 weeks of application have not budged the problem, so we need to have Porchie shaved.

Cammie is so ill that she goes to the bathroom everywhere, (even though i lovingly carry her to the "kitty room" several times a day), so we are battling filth and stink until she gets better, and territorial Porchie then has to go wherever Cammie goes. I'm to the point of losing my mind-- to the point of however desperate you have to get to decide to ask the internet for money! (sadness guilt and shame)

Our family has rescued 3 cats since 2005 when Casper was dumped upon us-- his owner promised to come back after 3 days and we never saw him again, so we were suddenly cat owners! At the time we were at poverty level and i was terrified since i could barely feed my children let alone be responsible for the health of an animal, but we loved Casper SO MUCH!!!! (Our dear Casper passed in January 2015.)

Three years later we rescued Cammie, a stray who had been in foster care for 3 years and was considered too mean to be adopted, but she blossomed under our care. By that time i was supporting 1 cat, & decided we might as well love 2, plus we enjoyed some support from my partner for a few years.

By the time we were moving from Topton to Bethlehem about 3 years later, we had allowed a neighborhood stray (who had obviously been a house cat!) to take shelter in our enclosed front porch-- set her up with a kitty bed, food, and water-- and called her "Porch kitty". As we packed up to move, Porchie snuck into our "Pod" (portable moving unit) and smuggled herself to Bethlehem-- AS IF we could have ever left without her! #ThenThereWereThree

Anyway, it's not that we have not been trying to care for ourselves and our cats with our own resources-- Lara took Porchie to the vet and signed her life away for payments of $70/month just to get Porchie in the door-- but this doesn't include any tests or medicines. We are however certain that Porchie and we 3 human animals have ringworm. We do not have Cammie on a plan because i cannot get anymore credit LOL~ (not could i afford it anyway!)

Lara consulted with the vet about Cammie's issues and they told her those alone could run us up to $1200...

((WHAT THE H$LL?!?!)) I was thinking i could get away with trying to raise a few hundred dollars! I am blown away because if i had $1200 i could think of many places to put it for our health and well-being (glasses/dental/emotional health/etc), but geez, i can't let Cammie die and we are all going to lose our minds if this ringworm goes on another 6 months. I wouldn't be asking if i weren't in a situation of legitimate and extreme exigency (relative to our own lives).

We three musketeers

Cammie will need diagnostic tests and medicine plus visits. I feel loathe to ask for a great deal of money, but the Universe is abundant and the gifting economy is working for millions of people online and off. It feels horrible to ask for money because there are so many people suffering way more than we are, but i really don't see another way out for us because even if/when i get this job (or another one if that doesn't work out!), i will already be behind 1000s of dollars, as i am now.

There are 5 sick beings in our home and i am humbly asking for help-- you are invited to

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Thanks for your love and care for all beings. We love our animals! I can only hope and pray that this resonates with some loving hearts. SO much love and gratitude for reading and for your good energy!!!!

Namaste~ xoxo


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