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The Mongol Charity Rally July 19th 2015


Just 4 guys who’ll be living their life in a car, For 4ish weeks, rallying 10,000+ miles from the London UK to Ulan Ude Siberia

The rules of the Rally are simple…

1. You can only take a farcically small vehicle 1L or less
2. You’re completely on your own
3. You've got to raise at least £1000 for charity

That’s it!!!!- How we get there is up to us…..


But Before we do it we'll need some assistance, your assistance, see ten-thousand miles + is quite a long distance in a 1litre or less car! Not to mention the same to return, that’s why we need to start early…

Let us introduce ourselves. We are a group of adventurers fundraising in order to take part in a charity road rally called

The Mongol Rally 2015. We call ourselves ARE WE THERE YET , in our team are Myself - (Andrew Takle), Andrew Ely, George Hockin & Lewis Don who have known each other since wee boys.

Our team, along with some 300 others, will be travelling past countless landmarks, tourist attractions, lakes, seas, deserts, cities and mountain ranges as each vehicle makes their own unique route through countless countries.

There is no set path and no support, we will be on our own facing the very real threat of carjacking and kidnappings, Bribery and robberies.....

All things which have happened in past rallies.

The rare trip offers a once in a lifetime adventure 1 of the best things we could do in our lives and all for charity. We are under no illusions that this will be easy, we cant even begin to imagine the dangers we will face along the way. But along the route we will experience a wide range of cultures and spices and even nod or smile if we don’t quite understand the language being used. which could be a problem since none of us speak a foreign language. we'll be able to share our journey around the world by recording our trip with lots of videos with our onboard dash cam and take many many photos. And yes we are 4 grown men in our twenty’s who will feel like teenagers again.

We will also be supporting 2 charities, The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and Cool Earth..

Cool Earth is the official charity of the Mongol Rally and is supported by every team taking part in the race.

One of the rally rules state that at least a £1000 needs to be raised for charity half of which can be donated to our chosen charity The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance.

This trip requires a massive amount of planning and funding We will be driving through harsh environments Your donation here on this page will help us cover a few of the initial fees and expenses involved in the Rally. We need to pay a deposit of £1000 to ensure no cars are abandoned along the way, a £ 500 entry fee but the biggest cost would be the car’s own passport which could cost up £850 depending on the countries we choose to drive through. Not to mention the visa’s and additional driving permits etc etc as a donor you’ll be able to check my face book page and check the progress of the trip and help us raise money for the chosen charities



And thank you for your support.




The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance

The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance is a

registered charity, which uses a helicopter to provide an air ambulance service to the English counties of Dorset and Somerset.

Typical incidents for which the assistance of the air ambulance is requested by South Western Ambulance Service, include road traffic collisions and horse riding accidents, due to the remote locations and the severity of injuries involved in such incidents.

The helicopter is leased from Bond Air Services and costs in excess of £4,000 per day to run and this money has to be raised largely from charitable donations. The charity is supported by volunteers spread across the two counties who work to raise funds to ensure that this service continues. It also runs a weekly lottery which has, to date, over 50,000 members.



We know that saving the rainforest isn’t a new idea. Managing to do it is.

Over the last 40 years, half the world’s rainforests have been destroyed. That’s why Cool Earth decided to go about things differently.

We don’t create reserves or put up fences. We don’t buy land. Instead, we put indigenous people back in control of the world’s most endangered rainforest. These people have lived in the forest for countless generations. Their homes are now on the frontline of deforestation. They have the most to lose from deforestation.

Cool Earth is now working alongside 65 rainforest villages throughout the world.
These partner villages are protecting over 350,000 acres of forest that lie directly in the path of chainsaws and bulldozers.

The clever part is that this forest is forming a shield to make the neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers – saving millions of acres of further forest.









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Your advert will be placed on our vehicle and will be seen on our social media sites and our local newspaper, Some of the route will be televised and we have global vehicle tracking so you can follow us on our trip.
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