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I need to pass dev-boot camp, a programming course here in San Francisco in order to achieve my career aspirations. Before that I need to raise 12k for the class. I already have knocked off 1k help me out!

I have posted an abridged version of the past two years of my life below and all the events that have lead me here. Please read it if you would like. This is the abridge version of that.

I am 24 year old triple degree college graduate from Michigan State University and currently working as a temp for an amazing company. It has been my dream since being employed as a temp to become part of the actual team. After many interviews/meetings/talks and a lot of hard work and effort, I have been given the opportunity to achieve my goal and be hired officially by this company. The caveat to that is I need to pass dev-boot camp, a programming course here in San Francisco. My cohort starts April 21st and 61 days before that I need to have paid off the entirety of the class as well as have money for the 9 weeks that ill be in the camp, as the class is 16hrs a day 7 days a week and I will be unable to work, but still have bills such as rent, food phone, electricity etc...... Please not only help me achieve my dream, but help me become a better more productive member of society! I am eternally grateful for any donations or anyone who even considers donating.


Below this point is a brief summery of my past two years please read it if you want to know more about my history!

I am a 24-year-old college grad from Michigan State University. I obtained three degrees (microbiology, physiology and criminal justice) while attending my 4.5-year stint at MSU. I have had quite a journey since leaving school two years ago. I first moved to North Dakota and tried to get into soil analysis in the oil fields. After attending many hiring events all over the state I was unable to achieve my goal. When I applied to the manual labor positions they told me apply to the higher up positions because they didn’t want my education to go to waste. When I applied to the higher up positions they told me my degrees were not in geology or earth science so I was not able to be a candidate.

While applying and going to these interviews I worked as an overnight stocker at Wal-Mart and would work overtime whenever possible. After going through a severe bought of depression, I finally came out as gay. I met and fell in love with a very special individual and moved to San Francisco to be with them. I first moved to the city, about a year and a half ago, I didn’t have a job but was able to land a job working at Peet’s Coffee within two weeks of arrival and picked up as many hours as I could. Though try as I might I was still unable to pay all my bills and have money to survive off of. It wasn’t until after being here two more months an opportunity opened up working for Uber driving a town car.

I then worked 60 hours a week split evenly between driving and working at Peet’s. After two months of doing both jobs I eventually decided I could make more driving then I could at Peet’s. At the same time I also found a new place to live, but had to take out a small loan to be able to pay off the initial deposit. Finally I was making enough money to pay my bills and survive but I was unable to make payments towards all the debt I accumulated, which at this point was about 10k. I did this until February when I unfortunately had to stop.

The isolation and loneliness that is the life of a driver became over whelming. I was working 12 hours shifts 6 days a week. I would spend all my days alone, by the time I was getting off work most people were either going to work or all ready at work. When it was time for them to get off it was my dinnertime and then shortly after bedtime to ensure I was in proper driving shape for the next day. After months of this grueling isolation I needed to get out for my own mental sanity. I put in my two weeks and was unemployed again.

I started applying all over town but wasn’t getting any interviews. Two weeks passed and I was able to locate a temp agency that was able to find work for me. At the same time I was also able to land a job at the California Academy of Sciences. At that point I was getting into both these positions the month of February had passed and it was March and another month of no income landed me another 2k behind, in total 12k. While my temp assignments changed the museum job was a constant. The first temp assignment I had lasted until July. Then I had a period of temp assignments that were weeklong engagements.

Finally starting in august I landed a temp assignment at an amazing company, Climate Corporation. In a random twist of fate they only had two days of work for me. I left them and went to another temp assignment. I was there for a week when Climate Corp called and wanted me back. I have been working there since. From February until now I have worked seven days a week, each week I worked 80 to 90 hours in order to not only pay my bills but to also get my 12k debt down to 1k.

While working for Climate Corp I have fallen in love. All I can do is think about improving their product, learning more, and being a better and bigger asset. However for the position that I currently am the only open position is in Kansas City, Kansas. I had originally decided on the idea of moving and the more I worked for Climate Corp, the more the idea appealed to me. I eventually said I would like to interview for the Kansas City position which was going to take place mid December, however in another twist of fate I was accepted into the 2nd rated Developers Boot Camp here in the city.  I also had a meeting with the Developer hiring manager for Climate Corp and after talking to him he agreed to sit down with me twice a week after work and help me prepare for the boot camp. Pending successful completion of the program, which starts in April, he has offered me an interview and pending I pass that interview I will be hired in to Climate Corp.

Achieving my dream of officially working for Climate Corp that I have been working for since I acquired the temp position there and finally having a career and more over, to be able to contribute to the overall success of the company and help it grow and evolve while furthering myself professionally. Please help me to cover the cost of this boot camp and get me one step closer to my dreams. I will be eternally grateful!


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