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Please help support David John in his battle against some of the most powerful people in the country to save his son from an abusive home.
Why is David under attack for wanting to see his son?

Was Isaiah knowingly placed in a home with a history of abuse because of family connections?

How did a mother who posed significant risk to her son, obtain custody?

Did powerful people in Arkansas try to deprive David of his judicial rights and his rights as a father?

Did the president of Wheaton College (IL) release student records and destroy David’s business?

Why were medical and psychiatric records of a parent sealed when these are considered crucial to determining custody?

Were the key factors (stability of home, domestic violence history, fitness of parent of) of the court use to determine child custody overlooked in this case?

Key to People Involved in This Story:

- David John (of East Indian descent): father of Isaiah
- Megan Bolinder (of Caucasian descent): mother of Isaiah (aliases – Megan Marie, Megan Urbanek)
- Garth Bolinder: father of Megan Bolinder, superintendent in the Evangelical Covenant Church
- Dixie Bolinder: mother of Megan Bolinder
- Phil Ryken: president of Wheaton College (IL)
- C. William Pollard: former CEO of Servicemaster and former chairman of Wheaton College board of trustees
- Tom Pratt: former president of Prison Fellowship Ministries, Wheaton College trustee, and head of the search committee that selected Phil Ryken as president of Wheaton College in 2010
- Dennis Hastert: former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

This account is based on sworn testimony from depositions, trial and hearing transcripts, and other documents and will be posted on this page. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this account but no guarantee is made or implied. For further detail, please see the following cases: Arkansas, Benton County Case DR 2010-1327-6; Illinois, DuPage County Case 11 L 995; and, Cook County Domestic Violence Court, Emergency Order of Protection filed 3 July 2013, #13OP74278.

The Beginning

David met Megan when she initiated contact through an online dating service in May 2009. She lived in Michigan at the time and was an assistant professor at Calvin College in Grand Rapids while David lived in Chicago. After two months of dating, Megan announced that she was pregnant and immediately tried to end the relationship.

In the next several months, David attempted to convince Megan that they should marry and provide a two-parent home for the baby. During this time she told David that her father, Garth Bolinder, abused her as a child and as late as 2001 when he was so brutal that she attempted suicide in a Kansas City art museum.

Over the next several months Megan admitted to many issues including: severe mental illness and resulting treatment for close to 15 years; several suicide attempts; substance abuse; numerous extramarital affairs during her previous marriage and, having sex in public places. She also admitted that she had a previous pregnancy in 2005, also while unmarried, which she terminated.

Prior to Isaiah’s birth Megan stated that she had considered terminating the pregnancy and also had conversations with a Calvin College professor about giving Isaiah up for adoption, all without informing David. In March 2010, Isaiah was born in Michigan but David was not allowed in the delivery room. And after a few weeks, David was not allowed to see his son at all. During this time, Megan and her parents threatened David saying they would use their connections to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the trustees of Wheaton College (IL) and a secretive, religious group, to destroy David. David was concentrating on how he could see his son and thus did not pay attention to these threats even though the Bolinders claimed they could use these connections to control judicial processes and his attorneys anywhere in the country.

The Start of Court Filings

David filed for custody in June 2010 in Michigan and Megan promptly announced that she was moving to Arkansas to live in her parents’ home. David then filed for custody in Benton County, Arkansas.

The effects of “influence” were numerous and became obvious in the months that led up to the custody hearing. Examples of interference were:

- Megan’s mother, Dixie Bolinder, admitted during a deposition, that she met with the wife of a Fortune 500 company to specifically discuss the custody case

- David’s first attorney quit the case just 10 days before the trial, which caused a delay. When David’s new attorney received files they were empty except for one deposition indicating virtually no work was started on the case... (continued)

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