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We are a Fight For Life Rescue in KY that serves the needs of the animals in this State and our own rural county and community.
We are in dire need.
On 05/21/2013 we had a major accident which almost cost us our lives and the puppy we were taking to ...
We are a Fight For Life Rescue in KY that serves the needs of the animals in this State and our own rural county and community.
We are in dire need.
On 05/21/2013 we had a major accident which almost cost us our lives and the puppy we were taking to the vets office.
Luckily the impact that totaled our vehicle and caught it on fire and trapped us inside we were able to escape from. Thank the Lord.
We were rushing a puppy to the vet we had just gotten from where it was fixing to be shot because the owner could not care for it.
We were hit at 60 mph when the person crossed the lane hitting us head on. The impact was so hard it sent us spinning and off the road across a ditch and into a tree in the back. I (Amy) was knocked out briefly and believed from the impact of the airbag that busted my face open and broke my cheek and nose. Almost immediately I was awake and aware of the smoke and smell inside the truck. Looking over my daughter (LeA) was unconscious shouting shaking her she came to. I was yelling at her to wake up get up and get out and get the puppy out of the kennel on the back seat.
She came to and immediately spun around and kicked the window out.. Our dogs were buckled in and we could not get them open nor the windows down.
We were trapped. At the point we knew that the truck was on fire and that my foot was trapped in the floorboard for the impact sent the drivers front tire under the vehicle and up into my floor panel and trapped my foot.. The stirring wheel and dash board were pushed in. I could not get free. My only concern was that my daughter get out safely and get the puppy out..
She was able to jump out of the truck. But could not at first get the dog free..
Finally in adrenaline filled rush I got my foot out of my shoe with swift forceful pulls to realize that my foot was crushed.
Was able to jump free with the help of a stranger that was a the accident.
We have had a month of no vehicle no means of meeting the needs in this rescue with helping daily with the elderly homes we would check on daily and making sure that they were all okay and helping walking their dogs making sure they had food and supplies.
Of course this is not something that we had to do but this is something that is a real need in this rural community and there is no one else that does this. It allows those homes to keep their beloved pets and keep them out of shelters.
We can not do this any longer we are out of the vehicle we had and had recently gotten the vehicle. The insurance paid the vehicle off and that was it. Nothing left over.
We are left with no means to do work to help support the mission and meet the needs of these animals here and in need.
We are in great need.
We need your support for continue.
It takes a lot to do this we are without a means of vet cost transportation cost and the needs are urgent in this area..
If you can donate even a small donation and share this it will be a blessing and appreciated.
We work hard daily to save lives and can not do it without your help. Will you please stand with us at this most difficult time and help support us if you believe in our work and our mission.
We live this Rescue day in and day out and we are asking to stand with us in the time of need so that we can be there for those in need that need us..
We are recovering slowly physically with LeA having had surgery for a huge blood clot that has left her with a massive open wound that is healing and torn knee and other injuries. The impact and seat belt injured her chest area and it is still healing and will have to see a specialist for those as well.
I have suffered elbow injury and Multi fractures to the right knee with 4 severe fractures of the tibia and fibular head fracture and multi micro fractures as well as the left foot was crushed the two toes and 7 fractures of the foot and ankle. We will remain in cast for at least 4 more weeks and then could face still surgery of the foot and knee will be in brace for several more months.
Will see a surgeon for the nose break since it has left it difficult to breath normally this is the impact from the airbag it also broken a tooth as well.
With all these injuries and pain we are not letting this stop us from saving the lives around us. We need your help to make that possible and get back on our feet.
We know that we are all these babies have here locally and at times far and wide.
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