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“The North Wind doth blow, and we shall have snow.” That’s certainly what happened in Sarajevo this month, and Caki’s dogs were grateful for the warmth of straw and blankets to which you all contributed prior to Christmas. 

Snow also forced admin member, Di Baker to delay her and daughter Loren's planned fact-finding visit to Sarajevo until mid March.  On her first morning Di picked up a sweet little street dog, Hazel, who wormed her way into Di’s arms and into her heart.  Di isn’t prepared to let her go and is adopting Hazel into her family: quite some souvenir of Sarajevo!  Next rescue on this eventful trip was that of Ella and Charlie, siblings of about 5 months who had been waiting on a busy road beside a torrential river for over a month, until Caki could raise the funds to get them to safety. They are both delightfully friendly, but remain un-sponsored, so would dearly love you to help them.  The "Baker Street Kids", at less than 8 weeks old, were found abandoned and also taken into the fold: Chanel, George, Fletch, Gibson and Bear have hopes of a new life if they survive all the deadly puppy diseases that claim so many street dogs.  Please keep them in your thoughts, and also baby Noah, found totally alone on the road to Praca and taken to safety by the team.

The end of February held a black day for puppy Byron and young boy River, both having been used as target practice by local shooters and left to die - slowly.  River has pulled back from the brink, but is currently paralysed and will need to undergo costly convalescence. Byron faces a second operation to mend his smashed shoulder where the bullet entered.

Caki’s two cute “Panda Pups” rescued from a disused wreck of a building, have been reserved for a new life in Switzerland: Phoebe already has a home offer and Heidi will no doubt soon follow. It will be a long time before we forget the photos of their trip to the vet, with Caki crazily made up with blacked-out eyes to signify his adoptive parenthood of these orphans!

Street mom Valerie is reserved for a loving home in the UK once her parenting duties are concluded. Her babies are fat and sleek, and due their first vaccines next week. This little family have no specific sponsors, but have been helped massively by Jean’s Knits & Jewellery for all the Weary Little Paws. Thank you so much! Thanks also to all you wonderful sponsors, fundraisers and contributors who give so generously of your time and money to keep Caki’s family safe.

So – a huge and costly influx of vulnerable dogs and puppies this month, and only the funds to get two dogs out to new lives. Beautiful Sebastian, rescued at your exhortation from the hell-hole of Tuzla kill station, and gentle cancer-victim Diamond, have found safe places in the UK to rest their heads. Finally Summer, the emaciated Istrian hound, is turning into a beautiful white swan and is scheduled to be fostered by our admin Janey when she is fit enough to travel.

Thank you so very much to everyone who made all these acts of humanity possible: Caki and his team cannot adequately express their gratitude for your ongoing love and support - both emotional and financial.  THANK YOU ALL!


IMPORTANT: Due to new and emerging tax claims, please would ALL those DONATING BY PayPal mark your donation simply as "Gift".  This may help to minimise tax liabilities.

By making a donation towards his furry family, you can help keep them safe for one more month. Every Euro shows you care, every share shows you care.  Please do look out for possible new homes for Caki's dogs - they are safe in "pension" but they all really need proper homes.  If you can help him in anyway please share his struggle: HELP CAKI DOGS TO FIND HOMES.


Fahrudin Caki Bravo has 58 furry friends under his wing for March! His furry family need YOUR HELP. Please consider making a donation today.




Byron 80
Baker St Fletch 80
Baker St Bear 80
Baker St Gibson 80
Baker St Chanel 80
Baker St George 80
Hazel 80
Noah 80
River 80
River boy Charlie 80
River girl Ella 80
Summer 80

Alice 80
Amy 80
Angel 80
Azra 80
Bear 80
Bela 75
Ben (sponsored)
Bilba (Linda pup 6) 80
Bosun 80
Bronwen 80
Buddy 80
Caki 80
Charlie 80
Darcie 80
Diamond 80
Dinah 80
Divine 80
Han Solo 80
Happy (Emma) 80
Hazel 80
Heidi 80

Janine and pups (2 died, 1 adopted) 180
Ryas Prince
Kiri 80
Loren 80
Luika 80
Mara 80 [sponsored]
Marko 80
Micky 80
Panda 80
Phoebe 80
Pip 80
Pippin 80
Poppy 105
Riley 80
Rina 80
Rocko (Staffy pup, was Rupert) 80
Sansa 80
Sebastian 80
Secret 80
Shadow 80
Star 80
Valerie and 6 puppies 500
Vucko 80
Yogi 80


Darcie 80
Hercules (Zeus's dad) 80
Pippin 80
Star 80

TOTAL Pension Funds Needed:  € 4 870


VET FEES for March:

Passport, microchip, vaccination for 12 dogs:  € 648
River:  €300
Byron:  €300
4D tests x 6:  €120

TOTAL Vet Fees Needed:  € 1 368

Bosnian taxes (10% of total remittances): € 693

PayPal Fees (5%):  € 350
TOTAL NEEDED: 7 281 Euros

PLEASE please please consider making a donation today. EVERY single euro will help 58 lives stay safe.


If you prefer to make a donation directly via PayPal, please send it to   PLEASE mark payments "Gift".



FUNDRAZR FEES:  If you are using PayPal then Fundrazr will only work properly with a minimum €5 donation PLUS a minimum €1 "donation" or "tip" to Fundrazr.  Smaller donations, and or donations with the Fundrazr "tip" set to zero, are automatically refunded via PayPal (but you can of course still make a direct payment to Caki's PayPal - see above).

TAX:  The Bosnian authorities have retrospectively imposed a 10% tax on all PayPal and other electronic payments to private individuals received from overseas.  As a result we have to add a further 10% to cover this cost.  Caki is working with professional advisers to find how best to minimise this extra cost, and the potentially crippling retrospective liability: PLEASE MARK YOUR DONATIONS as "GIFT".


For further information or to follow Caki's rescue work please see his Facebook Page

And to find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to


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