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Hola Familia!
Yes, yesterday is now today. I tend to put things off. I have struggled with posting this page for  a few months now. It is obvious where the strugggle took me.

I want to take a moment to mention my love for a friend that passed recently, but just found out this morning. That may have been the deciding factor. Who knows? I love you, Kalisama, rest well.

I have lived outside the U.S. for almost five years. A couple of years ago I went to a doctor who  sent me to a lab and did bloodwork and an x-ray . The doctor spoke to me about when the last time it was the last time I saw a doctor, I said it was three years ago (do it more often please, people), and he proceeded to tell me my hepatic (liver and kidneys) system was shutting down, being Hep C positive comlicated with tumors. I have lost more than 12 kilos, which doesn't sound like much unless you start out at 72 kilos wet.
My main concern is my hepatic system right now, it is at stage four, I'm recreational drug free, except for some  beer which actually keeps me peeing which is very neccesary at this point. I have noticed the difference between beer and no beer, and it's profound. I know there's a better, healthier approach than beer for that purpose, but it helps with sleeping at night. That's the hardest part, as my system drops adrenaline in my liver around two and three a.m. to aggressively start a nightly healing process. I get very little much needed rest. At the moment, I work sporadically as I fatique very easy and go through bouts of extreme vertigo.
  Since then I've done a lot of researching into what the narural way of dealing with this would be and have consulted with very knowledgeable people on these topics. We pretty much have the same opinion on my approach.
This being the land of natural medicine, it'll grow in you back yard. 
The medicines being large does of fresh tumeric, milk thistle, guanabana leaf tea, watermelon (amazing), a lot of friends who were worried about me because of my physical looks now say I look much better and my (vibe)rations feel better because of it.
My kidneys were to the point where the toxins were being released trough the skin in my legs and feet. As some people can attest not a pretty sight when my leg was raw. And very painful. Most are just scars now. Last year was very tricky for me.
It took the better part of two years to heal those sores. I thank  a dear friend for paying for my medication and doctors visits throughout all that time. And still continues.  I am on daily medication for chronic post surgery back pain, the surgery was twenty six years ago, but that pain is very much alive as well.  I am also on sleep aids and blood purifiers.
There have been so many moments where I just wanted to give up, not knowing how to go about this and not being in my country and just finish the process, but I have found my desire for survival to be much stronger than I expected. 
According to how I've felt with small amounts of my medicine in conjuntion with all else i take, I have felt amazing results, The skin healing is a great visual indicator.
 I am speaking of Rick Simpson oil. Please look it up as this not the venue for explaining. There are issues concerning this treatment. Please accept my apologies.  Normal ninety day treatment in some countries it is upwards of thirty thousand dollars.
I can do it in under three thousand, but I need other items to keep the process going for ninety days befor I even start my treatment. Because I have no access to hospital care here as I'm a perpetual tourist, and no access to their long term hospital care, I have no idea of the status of my tumors, but this treatment, along with what I am now doing, I shoud be putting an end to having to guess at this, with a 92% efficacy rate. Thin number comes from averaging over one hundred case studies.  Other healers have suggested this for me as well. And you guys from Colorado know my skills with this medicine.
I am positve that I will get nothing but excellent results, but I really need your help, guys, really.
If you wish to private message me to get more details, please feel free, I would love to speak with you anyway.
I have made it to fifty nine years old, and have no idea how I've made it this far, I haven't always been kind to my body, but that's changed also, being more careful of what I put in an what i do to it.Please help me out if you can.
 And a very special thank you to all of you that has been with me through this these hard and beautiful years. Pura Vida!

Lovingly yours,


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