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I think that at some time in our lives, we have all had our ups and downs financially.

This is a very long statement, please bare with me and read it all!

Tell me, why would somebody own a house and not have basic insurance on that house, so it ...
I think that at some time in our lives, we have all had our ups and downs financially. This is a very long statement, please bare with me and read it all! Tell me, why would somebody own a house and not have basic insurance on that house, so it would be insured if a fire were to break out? It is not expensive insurance, why not carry it on your house? I am Margaret's sister Connie.... This was my first question. My first statement answers that question. Margaret Brown was (she thought) at a point in her life where it could not get any worse financially. There has been times that Margaret and her family has spent nights in the dark for weeks at a time because they could not afford to pay their electric bill. But, they did not ask for help, they just dealt with the dark nights until they had enough money to pay the electric. The majority of the people reading this right now has at least $5 in their pocket. I am one of those people. Money in my pocket, I tend to take for granted. Margaret has not had the luxury of an extra $5 in her pocket for a while. NOW, after her house burns down, I find out she had no insurance and why she had no insurance. I had no idea that my own sister could not pay her electric bill for so long at a time. No electric was just one thing Margaret has gone without in the past 2 years. I also tend to take dinner every night for granted too. Margaret does not take dinner for granted because it was not always there. The only reason Margaret still had a house to live in is because it was paid off and had no mortgage payment. I am heart broken and ashamed that I was not there for her when she needed help. I just didn't know how bad it was. She did not share this with us. Margaret and Harvey have had enough of not having any money to live life properly. They have been working very hard to get an independent adjusters license. Margaret has finally completed this task along with some extra certifications. Her husband Harvey is right behind her, needing some extra certifications to complete their educational goals. In the middle of July she submitted one of her first estimates. I am so proud of her. She stuck with it and got her license. She can have an income now. She can pay her own bills now. Margaret's best friend and neighbor took her and Fenix to a movie. Harvey and Falcon went to a small job to make a few dollars. Suddenly, what Margaret thought was the lowest point in her life, her life and that of her family's life took a sudden turn for the worse. Could it really get any worse? The answer is YES. Her house has burned down and not one thing insured. She has no money, no home, no clothes, nothing! They do not have a computer to work on other estimates to bring in money with their new education. She now has to look her husband and children in the eyes and tell them it is going to be okay. Tell them that God allows some things to happen for a reason. I have learned all these things after Margaret's house burned down. I never realized just how strong of a woman my sister really is. I wanted to know why Margaret did not have insurance on her house. I am sure all of you are wondering the same thing. Thought I would share this information with all of you. Maybe, you can now understand where Margaret and her family were at in their lives. Margaret was not "stupid" for not having insurance on her home. She just could not afford to pay for it. I personally have donated as much as possible to Margaret and her family. I am trying to help raise more money for her. From donations, Liz (Margaret's sister) has been able to send Margaret $500 dollars for her immediate needs. Margaret is still going without right now. She is scared to death of spending that $500. She doesn't know what to get first, so she won't get anything. We sent her a Walmart gift card, maybe she will buy a toothbrush with it. Point to this whole statement is to allow all of you a glimpse into Margaret's life. Here is yet another donation site for Margaret Brown. I am asking all of you from the very bottom of my soul and heart to please, please help my sister. Any donation amount will help. The $5 that most of us take for granted would add up and assist Margaret greatly. $500 is not much money at all when you have absolutely nothing. My heart is so broken. I just do not have the words to say how sorry I am that my big hearted sister has to endure even more. This big hearted woman that helps all others in need. She has let people live with her that have no home at all. She donates her own time to people that need assistance because of failing health. She took in animals that had no home, her chickens that did not survive the house fire, was her latest Facebook project. I am so sorry Margaret! I can only hope and pray that all your big hearted actions will come back to you in multiples. You, of all people on this earth, deserve assistance from us all. Thank you all for any money donated to assist Margaret. Connie
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