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My name is Jonas Lewis-Anthony and I'm in a band called The Four Roads. Ever since I was young I have wanted to make music my life. It has been the only thing I have stuck with and pursued. For some reason, playing my guitar and singing started something that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t much want to stop it either. In February of this year, myself and a few friends formed a band called The Four Roads after two of our fellow buskers and friends died in a tragic accident. Since then, we have been busking, gigging and Kansas Jigging around Canterbury and the South East of England. From very early on it was clear that together, the four of us shared something special. Not just a friendship, or bromance, but a passion. The music we play together makes us feel the same way. When we busk it makes us feel alive, and when people stop and talk to us and tell us they enjoyed the songs we play, well, that’s the greatest feeling in the world. Music isn’t just something we love doing, it defines each one of us. There is nothing else we want to do with our lives. A few months ago we decided to do something different. I've always loved Canada, and it’s felt very much like a second home to me. Out of the blue one day in March we decided that we wanted to do something with our summer that would be life-changing and unforgettable, so we gathered round my laptop and sent a few emails. To our amazement we got replies - people liked what were doing. Incredibly, we were asked to play at the International Kingston Buskers Rendezvous in Ontario, Canada. On top of this, we have been offered gigs all over Ontario. To hear this was like a dream come true for us all. There is nothing we want more than an ‘on the road’ experience - playing music, doing what we love and meeting new people. This is easily the best opportunity this band has been given and for us all it is our dream! However, as you can probably imagine, getting four boys across the Atlantic isn’t cheap and, sadly, busking hasn’t quite got us the funds we need to support our tour and our dream. So far we have raised enough for two tickets and a little more, but time is running out. The Kingston Buskers Rendezvous starts in almost exactly a month. We have sold things, busked until our fingers and l ips bled (literally), and worked part-time jobs as well as being in full-time education. As you can probably imagine, it hasn’t been easy. That is why we are turning to you, whoever you may be. Whether you have never heard of us before or whether you have been a fan from day one. We cannot thank you guys enough for the support you have given us already – you make The Four Roads worthwhile! The love and praise you guys give us has really kept us going through some difficult times, and it still feels so surreal that there are so many of you behind us! But we need a little more help. How can you help us get to Canada and fulfil our dream? Here's how it works: we don’t want you throwing your money at us, as we know full well how difficult it is to come by these days. So, the website we are using only lets you make a minimum donation of 5 pounds. Those who donate 5 pounds will then be sent a download link in early July to our first ever studio EP. You could look at this in two ways: you pay £5 for an exclusive link to our first ever studio recordings, and help us get to Canada as a side-benefit; or, you help support our efforts and dreams, and get free music as a side-benefit. A win-win situation? Those who donate over £10 will get a signed physical CD; if anyone donates over £20, we will do a Youtube video dedicated to you or to any person of your choice – a friend, a relative, anybody. This video will feature your choice of any one of our songs (originals or covers), and will be a recording exclusively dedicated to you or the person of your choice. You may even find yourselves hearing these songs in an entirely new way! Who knows, one day we might be famous, and that video or CD might just be worth something … If we make it to Canada, we will post regular videos on our Youtube and Facebook pages as often as we can, showing you exactly what you’ve helped us to achieve. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, and we don’t know what we’d do if we couldn’t live our dream. So please, help us if you can. You won’t regret it.
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