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"If every 8 years old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation" Dalai lama

Our project is to build an orphanage for nepali kids, offering them shelter, medical care, food for their bodies and their mind. More than just fulffilling basic needs, preeti orphanage home will provide education for peace where every children will be taught meditation and yoga on a daily basis. For centuries yogis have passed down the secrets of long lasting happiness uniting mind body and breath, developping optimum physicial, mental and emotionnal heatlh. Developing strond bodies, open hearts and clear mind opens the way to a happy life and is a stepping stone towards a peaceful society. What a better place to do it than mystical Nepal where yogis have been practicing for thousands of years hidden in the heart of the himalayans, the birth place of buddha that still holds all of its magic. Unfortunatlt behind the greatest mountains hides over 900 000 children abandoned or living in dreadful situation deprived of food, families, education. They grow up with health problems, mentally disabled, uneducated. Children will have a chance to overcome their traumas with yoga, building strong roots to grow from,  in a balanced and peaceful manner. Yoga will allow the adults of tomorrow to develop to their full potential, in full awareness of themselves and their surroudings, and cultivate loving kindness, essential to fuel positive change. Peaceful education gives the tool to Nepal, so the country to grow and flourish culturally and economically,  by upbringing educated, creative and emotionnally balanced and most of all happy children who will give back to their community.
As children create a respectful and caring relationship with themselves, others and nature and act creativly to their surrounding for a brighter future, the orphanage will implement arts and evironmental awareness programs that will impact on the whole community, creating bonds with the community, empowering each individuals. The aim is to empower young children and communities through yoga, building bridges between tradition and modern society, bringing wisdom and modern technologies together, healthy bodies, sound minds and peaceful heart for a peaceful society.
ECO FRIENDLY and working towards sustainable living and self sufficiency, a garden area will be dedicated to growing food for the orphanage and animal caring.
An orphanage is more than needed in Nepal, too many children are left on the street with no food, shelter and no education. More than just fulfilling basic needs PREETI ORPHANAGE HOME will offer an education turned towards wisdom and awareness, planting the seeds to peaceful living and hapiness. As the french humanist Rabelais stated "Science without conscience is but ruin of the soul".

To this stage we need to raise funds to:
buy a land
build a building to welcome 14 orphans, 3 care takers and volunteers
Build a yoga sala,
books, clothes, educational material
Gardenning equipment and animals.

On sunday 22nd of december 2014 pilates ans yoga studio FUTUREFORM in Nice will host a first live streaming YOGATHON. From sunrise to sunset join us wherever you are in the world and challenge yourself to perform 108 sun salutations and fill up the good karma jar to support this great cause!

Who are we:
FORDNEPAL has been working for community development in the nepali country side for 10 years. The mission of FORDNEPAL is to improve the quality of the rural life covering the areas of education, health and sanitation, orphanages and childcare, social and rural development, cultural and religious heritages renovations, conservation and environmental awareness etc.
FORDNEPAL interlinks and involves both the international volunteers and partners in its various projects to pursuits its goals. It works in harmony with local people, multidisciplinary professionals, international volunteer regarding to develop economically, ecologically and socially balanced community.

Stefanie is a yoga teacher, world traveller, author and mother of 2. After a first trip to Nepal, volunteering in a school I created bonds with the people there, amazed and touched by their kindness and genuine desire to make a change to their beloved country. Being a mother myself, I realise the importance of education and upbringing children in the best envirronment not just on the physical level but also on the emotionnal and mental levels. They are the adults of tomorrow, if we do not take care of them and open a path to hapinness then what is the world gonna be like? The same way open your mind and imagine a world led by wisdom and unconditionnal love... As a yoga practitionner myself and having taught in different countries to all kinds of people I have witnessed the subtle changes yoga creates within people and truly believe that yoga can open the way to liberation. You can also support the orphanage by buying stefanies booklet 'yoga essential: a guidebook to yoga practice'

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