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The origional story was that these baby girls were all abandonded and taken in by a good samaritan.  NOW Redlow Pups Rescue (Can find us on facebook) is attempting to lend a hand to this sister set of 3 so they're not surrendered to the ...

 The origional story was that these baby girls were all abandonded and taken in by a good samaritan. 

NOW Redlow Pups Rescue (Can find us on facebook) is attempting to lend a hand to this sister set of 3 so they're not surrendered to the shelters. I am not going into details about their predicament due to not wanting to stir up drama. SOOOO Redlow Pups Rescue is going to arrange another set of fundraisers for their vetting and we're looking for fosters please! Please share this because they're running out of time! New fosters must fill out foster agreements and pass a home check, all supplies will be provided! We just need the fosters and some more funds to get everything arranged ASAP! I want to have them placed and have the funds in time for when the next time MASH Unit rolls around into Casa Grande. (november 6th) Thanks everyone!!!

Redlow Pups Rescue NEEDS Animal Fosters!

WE provide all vetting and supplies for the animals. You just need to pass an interview, home check and be compatible for the animal(s). This is a NONPROFIT "job". There is NO pay. You will be helping out the greater good by loving these animals while they are in your home.

All you must do while an animal is in your home is care and love. Normal training such as potty training, socialization or breaking destructive behavior is required. Every animal is different. Specific behaviors such as tricks are not required, but greatly appreciated. Aggression and Fear issues are special training and care needs.

Please understand the responsibility you are being willing to take on. We cannot have animals be left hanging. It puts everyone in a very very rough patch. You may handpick which animals, how many, what type/breed, and ages you are willing to foster.

You will be expected to fill out this form if you pass the home check:

"Foster Agreement
I, _____________ am opening my home to an animal in need. I am filling this out to foster for Redlow Pups Rescue, though I understand this does not limit me from fostering for another animal rescue. I will foster this animal until this animal is adopted or something prevents me from giving it the proper care and attention that it requires. I understand that I hold the right to decline a foster opportunity. I understand I hold the right to terminate this agreement and be taken off the list of Redlow's fosters at any time as long as I do not have a current Redlow Pups Rescue foster animal in my care at that time. 
Terms and Conditions: 
Please initial if in agreement:

______1. I agree that this animal will not be used in any way detrimental to the animal (i.e., medical research, abuse, neglect, etc.).

______2. In the event problems develop which would prevent me from fostering this animal(s), I will contact Lexie Redwine immediately. I will NOT give, sell or transfer this animal to any animal shelter, other animal rescue, pound, humane group or laboratory. I will not give this animal to another person.

This animal will not be euthanized except in the case of the animal's terminal illness or injury, or old age accompanied by pain and suffering. Euthanasia must be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

______3. I will notify Lexie Redwine immediately if this animal is lost or stolen and will make every effort to locate the animal.

______4. I will provide proper food, shelter, fresh water, kind treatment and care at all times.

(Supplies and/or reimbursements provided by rescue)

______5. I will transport regularly to vet appointments. Unless someone else approved by Lexie Redwine must do it, because I am unable at the time being.

______6. I will never transport this animal in an open vehicle or in any other way that will endanger this animal during transport.

______7. I will notify Lexie Redwine of any changes in our information, such as address and phone numbers within one week of the change.

_____8. I understand that Lexie Redwine reserves the right to repossess this animal (at my expense) should any portion of this contract be breached by me or should I have been found to neglect or mistreat this animal. I certify that my answers are true and correct and that falsification will breach this contract.

______9. I agree to allow Lexie Redwine or another member from Redlow Pups Rescue to periodically check on this animal to be assured of compliance with the above terms.

______10. I will obtain the Rescue's identification tags for this animal and keep them on the animal at all times.

Any breach of this contract requires that the foster return the animal to Lexie Redwine without entitlement of any refund or damages of any kind.

Address: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________
Phone Number 2: ________________________
Home Phone: ________________________

Email: __________________________
Email 2: ________________________

Signature: ______________ Date: _____

Do not mark below this line

Home Check Passed: Yes/No

Signature of Approval: _______________ Date:____

Contact Information:

Lexie Redwine:

Phone: 520-840-3959 Email:

This document will be kept on file by both parties until it is terminated"

I look forward to starting a great business relationship with you! It is a very rewarding thing to do. Thank you!!!

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