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In Loving Memory Of Lori Christner I am starting this personal family memorial fund-raiser page in loving memory of the late and terribly missed Lori Christner. Lori was one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, loving, honest and honestly one of ...

In Loving Memory Of Lori Christner I am starting this personal family memorial fund-raiser page in loving memory of the late and terribly missed Lori Christner. Lori was one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest, loving, honest and honestly one of the nicest people I have personally ever met in my life. My name is Scott Christner I am Lori's oldest son, she was my mother, some of you taking the time out of your busy day to even care to read this at all may know me and probably most of you won't. I honestly appreciate the time your taking to read this and I appreciate more than anyone will ever know all the love and support my family and I have been graciously receiving during this time. This has been the toughest event in my life so far and I'm thinking probably will be, I personally have never experienced a death and the first one is my mother, I dunno if it can get any worse than that. Well personally to me because my mom and I were so close, we were like best friends. Lori's birthday is on May 3rd and this last and final year we celebrated it together as a family as usual but looking back at it, this one was the most special she has has that I have been apart of. Her birthday passed like every year just normally and life went on. Then on May 8th only 5 days later my father John took her to the Peter Lougheed Hospital because she started to become jaundice also together with severe stomache pain, then on May 11th (Mothers Day) my whole family spent Mother's Day all day with my mom in the hospital trying to make it the best we could for her because at this point we started to realize the value of life more and began understanding better the blessing and value of life. We did the best we could and thought we did a bad job considering she was in the hospital and in lots of pain in a wheelchair. I later was informed through her sister Sandy Wall, my mom had a conversation with her on the phone letting her know it was the best Mother's Day she had in her whole entire life. This blew me and and took me by surprise and I knew a bit before but didn't fully realize that all the wanted and cared about in life was happy time and memories with her family and that's all. She didn't want material goods and stuff she only wanted family around and everyone to be happy and together. A few worrying days passed and we were informed the biopsy results from her liver would be back on May 13th, we received a phone call on that day from the doctors asking us to be at the hospital the next morning. The next morning on May 14th we had this meeting and I made the smart decision to record the entire thing with my phone for some reason I don't really remember why. I remember the first 3 sentences or so of a 10 minute conversation until the word cancer was said. Once I heard that word I zoned out, blacked out, was confused, I really have no idea but that's what happened. The whole conversation feels like a dream thinking back on it as honestly does this entire last 2 weeks or so. Later that same day I went home and listened to that life changing conversation again and after I heard that word this time I never remembered any of what I was listening to and just a few hours ago was present and being told right to my face. 2 days later my mom passed away from cancer, it started they believe in the stomach but very quickly spread to multiple other organs in her body. It very rapidly and viciously attacked and took over her entire body, in the final stages it even spread even to her brain. The thing that bothers me the most is that the day she passed away, 10 minutes after me and my dad left the hospital she passed away, we passed through the hospital different ways and my aunt Carol went into her room and held her hand and she passed on. She is a nurse and has been for 30 years, she told us she has held the hands of about 500 people and they left this world and she said she has never felt someone leave so peacefully as she did. That was very comforting to me to know that, right after she did she opened the window of they room to let her spirit out of the room, this is a tradition they do everywhere in Ontario she let us know but they don't do it at all here, it was a very nice gesture and made me feel more comforting, it's a tradition I believe they should do everywhere. My aunt also let us know that her passing right after we left didn't surprise her at all, which surprised me, she said she's seen it happen all the time. One story she shared was that one guys mother was in the hospital for about 3 weeks and she was there everyday and practically lived there, he showered there, ate there, slept there and everything, finally she went up to here for him and told him he had to get out of there for a bit and get his mind off of it for a bit, about 5 minutes after he left she was finally able to let go. She informed me she's not religious but that really makes her think a lot because the person knows the family would not be able to handle that at all and sometimes will not let go until they are finally not there. In a way I'm kinda glad I wasn't there as she did pass away because I really don't think I would be able to handle that at all. I'm so grateful for my 2 aunts coming all this way from Ontario to be able to be here for us and all they did with all the stuff that needs to be done during and after this process, I really can't thank them enough. Everything I knew about cancer in my life before this terrible event happend was nothing no where near how this acted, spread and how fast and vicious it was. I am starting this fund-raiser to start spreading some awareness about stomache cancer and also to help me and my family with financial assistance we so badly need, plus everyone keeps asking me "if there's really anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask" well this is your chance. This all happened so fast that we had no real time to even comprehend what was happening, we all believed she was gonna get better and come out stronger and healthier than ever. She was a vey strong and amazing woman so I figured if anyone was gonna be able to fight and overcome this, it was gonna be her for sure. We didn't even have a conversation about funeral arrangements or anything like that at all and we have had to try and do what's best and try and do what's best for her because she deserved the best. I really appreciate everyone's love and support during this time it really has been amazing, she was a good person and really one of a rare few left in this world. It's a shame she's gone, the doctors said she got this horrible disease from as they said "bad luck" which really angered me, but recently I spoke to a friend who told her her mother told her that "her mission here was done and it was time for her to go home" this quote has really been the only thing I have been able to explain this by. She was a true angel on Earth and she finally got her wings, one of the few positive things from all this have been I have been able to appreciate life more everyday and enjoy every second of it because it's true as I heard so many times before that "everyday is a blessing". You really can't waste time in your life, you gotta appreciate everyday your given, because tomorrow is really not promised and all of it can be ripped away from you at any moment, it's really just a shame it took an event like this to make me realized this. This is honestly only a small condensed version of all this that has happened, I could probably write an entire novel about it. If anyone has any questions or any information they would like to know please don't hesitate to ask, my e-mail is schristner@live.com or you can get ahold of me on Facebook.

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