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 My name is Carol Costello.  Some of you may not know me, but we share a mutual connection with a special someone, someone dear to my heart, my cousin Lucien Grillo.  If you know my cousin, you may know some of what he has been through recently, but may not know the whole story. In the past 4 years, he has faced a series of life challenges, each one delivering a serious blow, impacting his health, disrupting the predictability, safety and security of the life he has built together with his life partner, Michael.

 It all began in May of 2010, when his childhood best friend, a single mother of 2, committed suicide. This tragic event left Lucien devastated and without the emotional support to cope, as their friendship was a source of strength for him, that he had depended on, for so many years.

 Then in November, that same year, there was a fire, and Lucien and Michael’s house burnt down. (This was Michael’s homestead and the house he grew up in.) They lost pretty much everything including Lucien’s prized record collection of 30 years, and most of the music tapes he had created for his DJ performances. Even more tragic, they lost their beloved cat “Timmy”, who was unable to escape. These 2 events happening in the same year, alone, were tragic enough…but there’s more.

 While they were in the process of rebuilding their home, Lucien discovered in May of 2011 that he had a detached retina. Unfortunately, after 6 grueling surgeries, he permanently lost vision in his left eye.

 And in January of 2012, after twelve months of testing, Lucien was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He not only had to adjust to the diagnosis & prognosis, but also to the protocol of medications and the unpredictable effects they, and the disease, have on his body, which in turn impacts his daily regime, work and life planning.

 Over the holidays, I sensed a much more somber demeanor in both of them. I felt compelled to simply ask them directly, what was up. As difficult and humbling as it was to reveal, they both admitted that their financial matters had become dire. All their own personal efforts to rectify the situation, attempts to renegotiate with the bank, had fallen through. They have run out of options, and have pretty much run out of time, facing foreclosure of their home, per a strict public auction date of February 22, 2014.

 Having had that conversation, I felt like we still had a small “window” to work within, and I could not sit back and do nothing. I had to do something to help. Knowing “there’s power in numbers”, I felt that if all of you who know and love Lucien knew the extent of what he has been through and his current predicament, that many might be willing and able to step forward and offer some financial support. If many could give something, and we reach our goal, we could eliminate their major worry causing them much anxiety - the fear of losing their home. Without this hanging over their heads, we could help them remain emotionally intact, in order for them to stay grounded, to proactively address the specific next steps - securing permanent employment and rebuilding their finances.

 So many of us are still basking in the glow of this magical season of miracles and wonder, of giving and receiving when our hearts are full. Thus, I am asking if you will open your heart and join me in an “immediate” fundraising effort to help save Lucien and Michael’s house. To launch this effort, some close family members are donating a sizable portion of the total amount needed. If all the rest of us, together, each of us contributing as generously as we can, (but within our means), I know we can make up the difference, and raise the balance of the funds, to make the ultimate difference in their lives, by saving their home. I know we can do it but we just don’t have much time.

 Thus, the goal is, if all the rest of us can raise $15,000 by January 30th, 2014, it will keep “the wolf from their door”; allow them to “see the forest from the trees”, catch their breath, focus again, so they can take action, to get their lives back on track. Will you join me?

 If you are willing and able to give, your contribution will be enormously appreciated and will go directly toward resolving this urgent matter. You will be instrumental in saving Lucien and Michael’s home, truly saving the lives of two very special people, and their loyal family of four legged companions. 

 I thank you, for reading my letter, whether you are able to make a donation or not. Any amount will help us reach our goal. If you can also send prayers and positive energy too, that will bless and invigorate this effort, and produce the best outcome for Lucien and Michael.

 Wishing you and yours the very best.  May you enjoy a blessed and happiest New Year, ever! Many thanks to all of you for your contributions and prayers.


With much appreciation,

Carol A. Costello

“Cousin Carol”

PS  -  To be clear, I initiated this effort, but in order to expedite it quickly, as it is a very time sensitive matter, I had to use Loucien's laptop, to  quickly & easily access his FB resources. Thus, you will see his name and photo posted. I had to  forgo the premise of surprise, had no choice but to be upfront, and reveal my intentions to him, to quickly move forward.

P.P.S - Per the request of some of Lucien's friends, if you prefer not to use PayPal nor any Internet based method to make a contribution, you may simply write a check, made out to and mailed to:.
Lucien Grillo
78 Country Lane
Vernon, CT, 06066

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