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Help Me Save My Home, My Horses and My Dogs!
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I am coming forward and asking for help from friends, family and even strangers so that I can save my home, my horses and my dogs. Please read my story and if you can find it in your heart to help please do! Thank you!!


I am coming forward and asking for help from friends, family and even strangers so that I can save my home, my horses and my dogs.   I am not eligible for government assistance due to my prior income and no children in the home and I will not receive a paycheck from my new job until the end of the month. 

Please read my story and if you can find it in your heart to help me please do. 

Even if it's only $1.00, that would help me out alot!  I know that God has rewarded me and taken care of me over the years, and he has never failed me.  I am not used to asking for help but I am putting my pride aside to ask YOU for help. 

If 1400 people would donate $1.00 or 700 donate $2.00 or if only 350 donate just $4.00 it would be enough to cover my needs for the month until my new job starts paying.


MY STORY:     


As everyone knows I have been managaning my home and my animals independently for several years.  I have two horses Lucky and Tee, three dogs Lily, Jake and Bia (one of which is deaf named Lily), a crazy funny cat Tilly saved from a tornado, and a hen Hazel with a leg problem and her one eyed rooster boyfriend named "Buggy."  Over the years I have taken in animals that have been abused, neglected, or just not wanted.  I took care of them, helped them get better, then adopted them out again to appropriate loving homes.  The ones I have now are my forever animals because they are special needs and may not fit in anywhere else.  Lily my white Boxer is deaf was severely neglected when I adopted her and it took alot of play therapy to get her acclimated to trusting others, learning what toys are and simply fitting in.  She now is happy and new people who meet her do not even realize she is deaf.  It breaks my heart to think I may have to find them new homes if I can't save my home. 

I have been single for a year and a half now.  I made the decision to end my prior relationship due to personal reasons, even though I knew it would be tough on me for a while, emotionally and financially.   But I made the decision becuase I knew it was the best thing to do for me and my home.  I have also experienced some health issues in the past few years including my miscarriage.  Due to all of those issues I used up all of my emergency savings.  When I ended my prior relationship I was working full time with a private agency and was able to manage all of my financial obligations.  Several months back this agency phased out my team and I have been unemployed for a while.  I have managed to keep my home and my animals but my house payments became late and I was behind due to my finances.  I obtained a job with another mental health agency. I returned to work and was able to have my home loan remodified to allow me to keep my home from going into foreclosure. Now, due to the political and economic state we are in my current job has no clients for me and my team to work with.  I (and my fellow coworkers) have not received our paycheck for the past 4 weeks. Due to this issue,  I have now obtained another job that will allow me to work nights as a mobile crisis professional.  I I start that job this week and will get my first paycheck at the end of the month and I have several other job interviews scheduled. 




I guess by now you are wondering what my need and my request is.  Well, due to my prior medial, personal and career issues, my home was almost in foreclosure.  With my current job the bank has remodified my home loan.  Due to the fact that my most recent prior employer has withheld pay for all employees for the past 4 weeks, I can't pay my bills this month, buy horse or dog food or hay, much less groceries for me.  I am doing without alot of things to make sure that my animals are fed and taken care of.  My family is helping out far more that I can ever be grateful for by helping with groceries, gas and basic needed items for me.   I am asking for donations to help me cover this month's house payment, power bill and horse and dog food. 




I am asking friends,family and even strangers I have never met to donate to my need.  If I can find enough wonderful people to donate to help out just for this month I can save my home and animals which are a part of my family!  Even if it's just $1.00 from 1400 people!   That would be enough to help me make my house payment, pay the power bill and to buy horse and dog food for this month and I will not loose my home or my animals.  I am the kind of person who never asks for help for myself....maybe becasue in my line of work it is my duty to be independent, self sufficient, and strong in order to help others and help them find resources and ways to manage their needs.  I guess for a while I have thought I was not poor enough, weak  enough, broke enough, or needy enough to ask for help....or maybe it was just my pride.  But, in order to save my home and my animals I must swallow my pride, admit I need help,  and ask for help.  

I know that God rewards those who help others and he has rewarded me greatly over the years but it is now time for me to ask for help from you!

So PLEASE find it in your heart to help me save my home, my horses, and my dogs! 

Lucky, Tee, Lily, Jake, Bia, Tilly, Hazel and Buggy wanted me to say:

Thank you so very much for helping us save our home so we can continue living where we are loved, happy and healthy!

And I want to say thank you too!!


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