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We have alot of dr apts coming up in sept and brent is losing alot of days and believes we actually wont be able to afford the upcoming cost for that trip, they are sending us over overnight

So this is the story of my baby boy elias.

He was born perfectly healthy nothing seemed wrong, but he had a hidden disease we didnt know about. And this is where our story starts.

My sons is now 8 months old but lets go back 2 months to his 6 month old checkup. Dr Ryan Tolley does all the normal stuff check his hieght, his weight all his measurements then he checks his heart and notices a murmur. He says to me have they ever mentioned him having a murmur im like no they never said anything to me. He then goes on to say its probably nothing, he will most likely grow out of it but i dont suggest it i can still give you a refferal to see a specialist Dr. Hrair A. Garabedian. I almost listened to Dr Tolley and said dont worry about it but something in my heart told me to do it. so i think 2 months later 4/15/13 he sees the specialist the dr listens and confirms he does in fact have a murmur a small hole between his right and left valve he will grow out of it. But then he does the ultrasound just to confirm its what he said and thats where we fight the scary stuff out. The Dr Hrair A. Garabedian comes in and holding a paper with a picture of a heart on it with 3 areas circled and he says your son is going to need surgery and this is why, he was born with double congenital heart disease he has 3 problems going on one he will deffinetly grow out of and not need a surgery for he has a hole between he RV and his LV. then he has a double pinched left aorta meaning both sides are pinched causing less blood from from the heart to the rest of his body more serious to his lungs and legs. (which is why i have always noticed my son having a hard time trying to stand and also his legs and feet are cold all the time even with socks and shoes on also he gets very fatigued playing alot) the other problem which we cant fix right now he will have to wait till he is around 1 1/2 maybe 2 years old when his heart i bigger so we can fixed his narrow left valve because if there is a complication there we dont have artificial valves small enough to replace and he would have to be put on bypass which could cause serious complications. so all we know right now is he needs heart surgery we are waiting to hear back from the surgeon and my sons primary physician which again im glad i did not listen to because i would not have found these problems out and if my son had started to try to walk and got more active it would of caused alot of strain and caused his heart to fail the dr explained. he said i saved my sons life

Eli has been fighting a lot of things this is what we are dealing with right now
these are the things we are dealing with right now with Eli
1. CHD (congenital heart defect 3 of them to be precise and his heart is under stress right now and dr's are concerned)
2. sensory processing issues ( the main concern is he is having issues in his mouth causing him to gag and choke when he eats)
3. delayed oral motor skills ( he cant chew properly or wont chew at all and will swollow food whole
4. his oxygen and heart rates drop when he sleeps so they are trying to figure that out
5. we are working on the many apts to figure out where he is with his autism and how severe it is
6. balance issues which cause him to fall or have trouble picking himself up, when he walks he tends to fall down and its always on his left side when he gets up he tilts his head to the left, his ears are perfectly fine they cant seem to figure out why he has this balance issue
7. Possible seizures

We have alot of dr apts coming up in sept and brent is losing alot of days and believes we actually wont be able to afford the upcoming cost for that trip, they are sending us over overnight, the dr's office was working on trying to get ahold of special mobility services that would normally pay for the gas and hotel cost but has been unable to get ahold of them, and we are worried because the paycheck that is suppose to pay for the trip for us brent is losing 4 days on it please anything will help we appologize for asking, even prayers will help even sharing this link to help us spread the word helps

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