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We need your friendship and sponsorship to continue the expansion of Beshara and help our work (see www.beshara.org ) in Bursa and Istanbul. We have a nucleus of friends here from 14 'Discovering Unity' courses and wish to make our home a course Centre.

Please contribute money and share this campaign as widely as possible. Beshara brings a New & Unifying Perspective in the Contemporary World, for the 21st Century.
Beshara is something new in the world. Beshara (meaning in Arabic "Good News" ...the words of Gabriel to Mary at the annunciation) is not a Sufi Order or an Islamist or even a religious group, and is not a school of Mevlana or Ibn Arabi though it extensively uses their writings. It is an international, global, initiative, addressed to helping people find their own intrinsic self-knowledge and benefit from it in a 21st Century context.
We are Colin Azim Looker and my wife Baitha Bahar Aykac Looker, both trained as facilittors for Beshara Discovering Unity courses at the Beshara School in Scotland. I (Azim) have been an associate of the school for more than 40 years and have completed the two long six-month intensive courses of the School. In Turkey we have faciliated fourteen Beshara 'Discovering Unity' courses so far, in Istanbul and Bursa, and also 'Way of Oneness' week-end courses. 
The 'initiative' called Beshara can best be described as a School of Self-Knowledge, on the principle that essential knowledge is intrinsic and innate in human beings. From our point of view we 'recognise' truths in sacred texts because we essentially already know them...thats why there is a shock of recognition sometimes. So we use many means to help develop the access to that inner knowingness.
It happens that there is a very great demand for our courses in Turkey, as society is polarised between 'old fashioned' religious orthodoxy, and secularism. We can show an alternative that people are desperate for...that resolves this conflict, that is not sectarian or even religious, but retains the essential insights. Many people have completed our courses here, and some have travelled with us to the Beshara School in Scotland to deepen their understanding...they help us very much and are a growing community.
Money that is donated is used for many emergency expenses, printing costs, translation costs and especially to enable students who very much want to do these courses but can't afford our minimal non-profit fees to do them free of any charge. We would without the help of those who decided to join us and help us  'hold hands with Beshara Turkiye' been able to do very little. It's your project as much as ours.
We have been working in Istanbul and Bursa for five years to establish Beshara in Turkey through many initiatives and meetings, including Study Groups of Ibn Arabi, Mevlana and Yunus Emre, extensive translations (@ 50 papers from English to Turkish, including Bulent Rauf's writings), and meditation classes, slide shows, and introductory meetings. To expand this global esoteric perspective, not bound by any limits of belief, a "University of the Future" for all humanity regardless of religious background, an integrative, non-divisive and coherent 21st century human and felt opening of a new spirituality 'of this time', to Turkey (there are many such Beshara groups all over the world) we need the help of the friends...your help.

Our Fundrazr campaign is to extend and promote Beshara's introduction into Turkey and as trained facilitators for the new Discovering Unity" evening courses, one evening a week for 7 weeks operating in both English and Turkish, defray costs of printing and cd production for these courses, and pay the rent for suitable premises, which reflect the beauty of the vision of Beshara. We also hope to extend our present work into Summer Camps where the group can be together for week-end and longer periods for intensive and immersive practice. Beshara.org is a non-profit organisation running for 40 years which has a 'Sufi' background but emphasis is on the building up of an 'esoteric Global platform' outside religious or any other barriers and not 'Sufi' either, as this would imply an Islamist perspective which could be limiting. Our subject matter is what it is to be a human being, and we are approaching this question through both theory and practice. We are considering here a perspective on reality that is founded in Oneness of Being, but which includes all the many aspects of existence, including our own subjective experience of being here.
 Beshara is a charity; secretary@beshara.org and has British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education: awarded April 2009; Charity Registered No. SC008147.

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