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I am Tracey Rhodes please support me to travel from Australia to Illinois for a Scholarship with Chris & Janet Attwood (Passion Test). My vision is to open a healing center for low socio economic families to release generational lack, anger & addiction.

The story of the project

Welcome my name is Tracey Rhodes. I lie awake at night when I see children being abused mentally, physically and emotionally.  My soul purpose is to fulfill my vision to create a healing center for low socio economic families to attend workshops, counseling sessions, online courses and alternative healing for free or very little cost on the Sunshine Coast and online worldwide.

This call to you is to help me to travel to Illinois to attend a Sales Scholarship to help manifest my vision.

I see an opportunity to create generational healing at a cellular level so that families can learn new ways of communicating and living, raising their self worth and respect for others. My biggest dream is that all children have the opportunity to feel safe in their home and not have to experience the pain and fear of abuse or addiction.

It breaks my heart when I hear parents screaming abuse at their children, to watch a baby in their Mother's arms whilst their parents are screaming abuse at each other and sometimes even becoming violent.

Children need gentleness, love and supportPROJECTS AIM  

For my vision to take place I have to take my business to the next level THIS opportunity has arisen and I am soooo excited to share with you.

I have been gifted a scholarship with two world class spiritual entrepreneurs who have manifested multi-million dollar businesses from living and sharing their passion.

Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwoods along with Cheryl Burgett have given me a scholarship to the United States to attend their "The Authentic S.A.L.E.S Bootcamp for free.

To attend and make my dream become a reality I need to fund flights, accommodation, food, passport (yes it is renewal time).

I believe this is the next stage on my journey to grow my business to a whole new level and I would like to share this journey with you. Attending this bootcamp will bring me one step closer to manifesting my Soul's Purpose of creating the healing centre to assist in re-educating generations of 'lack and scarcity' with self worth, acceptance and respect.


When I return after the course I will create a 3 week online program with some of the methods taught in the course for you to apply in your own business (of course there will be no copy written material but a great wealth of knowledge, caring and sharing) that will help to assist you to grow your business within a similar framework.  This will be available to anyone who donates $150.00 +

There will be information on creating a multi-million dollar company with joint ventures, genuinely connecting to clients and how to enrol in programs, courses and services. Plus downloads and other online courses.

The connections I will make and opportunities that will open up form doing this course will be amazing creating powerful alliances to move my business forward to new heights and the healing centre closer to manifesting.

With your help I will get there and the next stage of my soul's purpose journey begins. Please contribute by donating and sharing my mission to get to Illinois by 22 May 2014.

With every donation there is a gift please see the list below.

Thank you and enjoy your services.

Keep Shining Love Tracey

Feel free to download freee gifts from my website -

How the funds will be used

Flights - approximately $1986.00 (prices change daily the closer we get the more they become)

Accommodation - $615.85 or $695.25 depending on rooms available 

Food - $500 approximately

Passport $244

Fees for funding approximately - $300


The funds needs to be raised as early as possible to purchase the tickets and accommodation at the prices in the funding section. If the funds prices may go up.  

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$10 AUD
Meditation, Activation & Healing MP3
  • 4 claimed
This is a 40 minute talk and meditation to help empower you to release what is stopping you from feeling peaceful, happy and going with the flow.

It helps to release pent up frustration from not speaking your truth, overall healing to get you into the flow of life. It helps to open you to your 'Soul Purpose', have your first 12 chakra's vibrating more purely and open you to a new way of being. This will help in your relationships, business and life to accept what you face go with the flow and make the most of your life as it is today.

Listen on your phone, computer or disc.
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$25 AUD
Two Amazing Healing & Empowering Meditation MP3
  • 2 claimed
The first is my "Rejuvenate" Meditation MP3 Download. It consists of a Relaxation Technique, Healing Meditation, Expansive Meditation and Relaxation Music.

The second is another MP3 (to see more look at the $10 option) called "Meditation, Activation & Healing". This recording helps youth let of the nasty words other have spoken over you and you have said to open you to receiving more love and peace.
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$50 AUD
2 x Group Spiritual Amplifications
  • 2 claimed
A 'Group Spiritual Amplification' where you you are held in the purest ray of light and love. You are be energetically anchored in the vibrations of Divine Love, raised in consciousness and taken into the highest spheres so that a vibrational transformation takes place in all of your bodies, vehicles, cells and soul. This opens you to feeling a deeper peace, love and joy. It is a soul healing for peace of mind. It is performed at a distance so you need not be available and performed at a distance. You will be notified of the time and date of the healing you need not make any changes to your day, however it is a blessing if you can sped some quiet time to really feel the blessing taking place. You will receive 2 blessings one week apart it has to be experienced to be understood.
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$69.95 AUD
Awakening to Love 6 Week Online Course
  • 2 claimed
This s a 6 week online self-realisation and self-empowerment journey with me to rise above your relationship issues, emotions and life. Exercises to incorporate in your weekly routine, release judgement, Cellular and DNA activation, building your solar body for strength and enlightenment. Weekly session is around one hour per week. You can listen as you go to sleep or at a time that is suitable for you.
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$150 AUD
Create Genuine Alliances & Customers Online Course
  • 0 claimed
3 week online program - to grow the business you love! This course will be created when I get back from the States with some of the methods taught at the conference (no copy written material). Would you like to connect genuinely, honestly and openly with your clients and make money from it?
If you are doing this and not getting the sales maybe you need to know the right questions to ask to serve your client? Asking the right questions, in the right way so that YOU SERVE your client and give them what they need is the easy to creating prosperous business and life.

Create powerful alliances and joint ventures by knowing the correct questions to ask and knowing how you can help the company you want to venture with.

Serve your customer and your customer will empower themselves. Plus a Closed Facebook Community to assist you through the course.
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