Too Young to Deedle Dum
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This is the page I created for my Papaw, to help him with medical bills and to keep him comfortable while he battles cancer.

My papaw has cancer.

He used to come home from work with a tin lunch box and before he could hardly put it down, my cousins and I would run to him and all but leap into his arms. When I think of waiting for him to open the screen door, I can hear the crinkle of the Pall Malls package in his front pocket and feel the cold can of Coke in his hand. Nothing like the first sip straight from the can. (after which you always say, "'Am good!") 

He was the camerman of our family. If we were all together, it was rare to see him not behind the lens of a bulky black video camera with the blinking red light. And as hard as we tried, it was quite a fight to get him in front of it. After I had grown up and decided to watch the movies again, I realized it wasn't just us kids going down the mudslide he was filming. There were close ups of fiery orange and red leaves on the trees and panoramic views of the mountains in the bright sunshine.

He had the most amazing garden of the tastiest home grown vegetables you've ever had. He picked only the best figs to can. (And to eat fresh with sugar on them, of course!) When he walked through the garden, it was like everything about him was supposed to be there. The clothes he wore were always just right for the work he did, the way he walked over the rows, his feet finding the exact spots where the ground was even, his fingers finding the perfect tomatoes.

My papaw's not perfect. But to this particular grand youngin', he was just the right papaw. He made my childhood what it was.

And I want to do all I can to make his golden years as enjoyable and comfortable as I can. He'd never ask a soul for help. (but if you give him a hand, he'll pat you one on the back with a good ol'fashioned "Thank ya.")

But my papaw has cancer. Medical bills and worrying about leaving your loved ones with a heavy load makes it a little more difficult to enjoy the days we all have left.

I can't breathe for my papaw (his only request when I asked if I could do anything) but I hope you and I can help take a little weight off his chest, so that he can seek the assistance he needs from the skilled hands guided by God to get him through this hurdle.


Riding through the woods on an old dirt road with his four children, Jesse Roberts sang a little diddy.

"Deedle Dum, Deedle Dum"

When his kids would start to sing along, he'd say, "Don't you know, you're too young to deedle dum?"

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