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About 3 years ago, Ashley and I began to feel God calling us to adopt. Our biological family was complete, but we felt that we still had room in our hearts for more children, specifically those that are dearest to the heart of God... the fatherless. ...
About 3 years ago, Ashley and I began to feel God calling us to adopt. Our biological family was complete, but we felt that we still had room in our hearts for more children, specifically those that are dearest to the heart of God... the fatherless. We began to pray about the specific direction that God would have us to go. We followed the story of our friends during Christmas and summer of 2012, while they hosted and proceeded to adopt an orphan from Ukraine. We were so moved by their story and testimony of faith, but never really felt God leading us in that direction. We had looked at pictures of children and read bios, but never felt God's leadership there.

New Horizon's for Children is a non-profit Christian hosting agency for orphans from Ukraine, Latvia and China. They bring children, most of whom are available for adoption, to Christian homes all across the U.S. for summer and winter breaks. Their goal is for these children to experience the love of Christ and the love of a family. Certainly the underlying prayer is that these children will find forever families. New Horizon's sends teams over to interview the children to determine if they would be a good fit for this experience. After selections, they put together slide shows of pictures and bios of the children. Families access the sideshow and select a child to host. You see, most orphans in these countries age-out of the orphanage at age 16. About 10%-15% commit suicide by 18-20 years old. Up to 60% of girls are lured into prostitution and about 70% of boys resort to - or are forced into - a life of crime. This region of the world is also one of the highest sources of human trafficking on Earth today.

For the Christmas hosting of 2012, a child from Boguslav Children's Home in Ukraine was interviewed, but was too shy and fearful to answer the questions. The team felt that this boy was not really interested in coming to America. He stayed behind for Christmas, but his close friend Igor came to America. During Christmas, Igor advocated for his friend and told his host mom that the boy was a good boy, very shy and slow to trust, but really wanted a family. She told Igor that she would help find him a family for summer, but first he would have to step out and ask to come. He would have to show courage and trust, or this would never work. Time past on following winter hosting, but no request... This wonderful host mom worked everyday to build a relationship of trust with this child through calls, care packages and messages. It became her calling to bring this child out of his fear. She believed God had put him in her life to find him a family. She believed that God had an amazing plan for his life. On Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013, this precious child sent a message to her that said, "Please find me a family." That was all it took. He stepped out with faith, trust and courage...and then GOD TOOK OVER! As Grant says, God already had this - long before that! He is so right! Our God cares for each individual that much. Each one matters to him.

New Horizon's posted his picture and bio on Facebook the following Saturday, in search of his family. Friends of New Horizon's began to share his picture... including our friend whose journey we had followed. :-) I love it when God uses Facebook for His purposes!!

We were at church for Upwards Soccer that morning, but got home about 11:30. I turned the computer on, pulled up Facebook and there was our boy! I immediately knew that God had put that child in front of me for us to host. Really, I immediately knew that he would be my son, but I needed to hold back a little bit, as to not totally freak Ashley out! :-) I turned the computer around for him to see it when he walked in the door. As soon as he saw it, he said, "Let's get him!" WOW! We discussed it more, called to find out more information, talked to Grant and Ella, then decided to pray about it over night. They put him on hold for our family, because they felt confident that we were the ones. The following day we committed to host Yaroslav Matvienko 'Yarik' #E356 for the summer!!

Summer came and went too quickly before it was time to put him on an airplane back to Ukraine. It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. We were sending our child to the other side of the world, not knowing if we would ever see him again. He had become a part of us; he was a member of this family.

He was asked by translators prior to leaving if he wanted to be with us forever. He said that he did want to be, but did not know if he could choose between his older brothers in Ukraine who had previously aged out of the orphanage and his family here. Understandably, he was very torn and heartbroken. After one day back in Ukraine, he made his decision. He apparently spoke with his brothers, got their blessing and was then on a mission to let us know that he chose FOREVER... Forever with this family! Praise God!! He will forever have a mom and dad that love him unconditionally, forever have a home, forever have food to eat, clothes to wear and shoes that fit. He will forever know how much God cares for him, because we will forever tell him about how God so beautifully orchestrated this whole thing. Our God is good like that! He cares for each of us individually and sees us, wherever we are! We are not invisible to Him, we are not insignificant to Him! Yarik will forever be changed, as will we!

So, we want to go after our boy and we need your help! We can raise this child as our own, but the adoption process is very costly and very difficult. The total estimate is a little over $28,000, which does include everything... passports, U.S. Approval, Ukraine approval, court costs, facilitator expenses, attorney fees, travel 2-3 times, expenses while in Ukraine, monetary gifts to his orphanage, etc. That is huge, but God can handle it!! Please pray for us as we take this journey of faith. We are confident that we are in His will, but we know we can't do this alone. God wants to receive all the glory for this miracle, and He has promised us that, "Whatever He has called us to, He will bring it to pass."

We ask for your prayers and support. Please pray that he remains strong and resolved until we get there. There will be difficult days of waiting ahead, as well as difficult days when he gets home. Most of all, please pray for his salvation! Satan does not want this to happen. This is a life that has never been a threat to him and now the possibilities are endless as to how God can use him and his story. We understand that most people are unable to help us financially, but some will feel led to help. Either way, we do need your prayers. If you do feel led to support our adoption financially, you can mail us a check at the address below or make a donation online through Paypal… every penny will go towards bringing this child home. We are so grateful for you, your prayers and your support.

Thank you so much for caring about Yarik. He is an amazing young man that God wants to use in His kingdom!
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