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Ohana Rescue was doing wonderfully until the home that we were in sold quickly, which forced us out quickly. I made a mistake of signing a contract with the people that were selling this house. A lease to purchase within the years time. Because we did not go to a closing we did not have to have inspected yet.. Haste makes waste I guess, but we did not have the time to go through the motions. Well the above picture is just what we have been dealing with. The home is a petree dish of four different kinds of molds, and we have septic waste running under the mobile. The above picture is just one of hundreds of what lies underneath the house that we once laid our head. And I thought I was just suffering from fymbermalgia and exhaustion. NOT!!  Two trips to hospital, and many different doctors, conclusion....allergies to MOLD, can you only imagine why? Not only mold but raw sewage.. Well once again..I thought the best thing to do was fight for our rights. We have spent a small fortune since we have moved into this home and made many an improvement, so I am fighting for our rights, and our right to continue to help horses. What would be the easiest thing to do would be to close Ohana, get a small apartment and just move on, but I cannot do this. There are not enough horse rescues around as it is, one more shut down, what will happen to the horses here and the many horses that we would be able to save if we dont continue to fight? This fight though is not for the horses lives, it is for the caretakers of the horses. I went to court today, on my own acting as my own attorney, once again saving monies. I filed all the papers correct, and paid the MANY MANY hundreds of dollars to fight this. Beause our counterclaim is more then county court accepts, there is YET another fee that I have to pay...a $400.00 transfer fee...and because the judge states that people in the past use the eviction courts to try and delay and buy time that law is in effect that you must pay into the courts what your lease states..which brings us up to $1800.00, totaling $2200.00 to the courts by Monday at 3pm. Normally the judge doesnt give time, but because of all the added expenses that we have had to put out he has given us some time. He stated THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE OWNERS WILL RECEIVE THIS MONIES..the courts are just a third party holding onto the monies until the higher court can figure out just what is going on. Judge also stated for me to file an addendum to the counterclaim, asking for all this added monies back plus all the expenses we have accurred, not to mention all the personal items we have lost... If we are unable to come up with this monies by 3pm on Monday, by Wed. the eviction will go through but the counterclaim will continue in circuit court, not civil..but it will continue without us living at this property. I have done everything to stay here. An earth angel loaned me the monies to put in an RV so I could have fresh air to breath and not chew..its just being told today, what could happen is a very scarey situation. Helping Ohana Rescue will enable us to keep our doors open..What do you think, should we continue to fight for our right to be able to continue the horses, or should we close and move on? It has been a very hard year to say the least, and not once have we shut our doors, just praying now isnt when we have too.

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