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Friends, some members of the Tibetan community have reached out to us for help. Here is a way for you to directly support the monks that have been attacked at Gaden Choling Monastery in India. Monks from Tharpa Choling have been trying to take control of the monastery by force due to their opposition of the practice of Dorje Shugden. This is the monastery of Domo Geshe Rinpoche, a very important Lama of the Gelug tradition.

On May 18th, 2014, one week after the passing of Kusho Pasang-la, the life long caretaker of this precious monastery, approximately 40 people both lay and ordained already attempted to seize Gaden Choling by force. This began what is going to be a lengthy legal process to maintain poccession of the monastery, in addition to the hostile environment escalating.

Yesterday marked the 49th day of the passing of Kusho Pasang-la, the caretaker of Gaden Choling Monastery in Phedong. It is common knowledge to any Tibetan, and Buddhists everywhere, that the 49th day is the last day of bardo, which is the intermediate state between death and rebirth. The monks of Gaden Choling were performing important pujas for Kusho Pasang-la, a solemn and sacred ceremony.

Once again, a large group of monks and lay people from nearby Tharpa Choling Monastery in Kalimpong have invaded Gaden Choling Monastery and attempted to seize it by force, at a time when this small community of Gelug Lamas of Gaden Choling, who had just lost a leader and someone very dear, were completing this important ritual.

Gaden Choling Monastery is small and isolated and in desperate need of our support to succeed in this legal battle. Not only does this monastery protect and preserve the stainless tradition of Je Tsonghkapa, it also houses one of the most sacred statues of this tradition.


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