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Greetings Dear Ones,

Due to my lovely xmas morning fire, i had to abandon my dear retreat hut, I missed it so this winter and was saddened because of all the work i did to get it ready for winter, and all the support i received from all of you. But I assure you, your support was not in vain. I was warm and cozy and had all the supplies i needed, and they were of great help for the winter even though i had to stay in the temple.

The buddhas always have some plan for me. Impermanence is one thing i am learning on my journey that's for sure!

Anyway, now it is spring, and the temple is tearing down my retreat hut, they are going to build on that spot and they are not going to help me repair my hut, also they are not engaging in the study of english. ....sadly

So i have found another temple in Northern Mongolia that is needing an English program. We are trying to set this English program up to begin in September, with the fall school year!

It seems that it is time to see what Buddhas are planing for my life now.

As always they keep me moving, the life of a nomad, i guess that is why the sent me to Mongolia anyway, my connection to nomadic life has always been there/ here.

I am reaching out today to those willing and able to support this 2014 leg of my retreat journey, in hopes of raising funds for my move and some supplies to furnish my Ger.

My plan is to take a Ger up to Selenge Province and teach at Amarabaygalant Monastery, and to also teach the local people.

There are a few perks to this move.

One: It is a temple that is from my lineage and practices the same practices as i do, so i can engage in more group practice.

Two: it is quite remote so when i am not teaching i will have better retreat conditions, and three there is less {no} city life, so i will have the wide open rolling steppes as my support! one of the main reasons to love mongolia! i will post pic and as always i invite you to visit !!

I also hope to bring the Sangha Jewels program to this temple. Please have a look at the web site and please support this worthy project!

So, I have most things from my retreat hut, to furnish my Ger, but still need a few more essentials, and some funds to pay the for the movers, including truck manpower, gas and food, it is a 5 hour, at least, journey. North.

Please if you are able any donations will be gratefully received.

Although my 3 yr retreat has not been a solitary one in a cave like i wanted, or like is normally done, it has been totally a working retreat, in the community and 'with helping hands', as one of my Dharma Brothers always says. I guess i am not meant to be alone in a cave. I guess i am needed here in the working world, so here i am. still traversing the path and trying to live the life. still needing help and support from those out there who can.

Please Dear Friends give generously!

There is much work to be done!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart! In advance for your support and blessings!

Below is a breakdown of the funds and the use.

**MNT= Mongolian National Turgru **USD = US Dollars, conversion is approximate, rounded up, to account for rise and /or fall of the US Dollar, the economy on both sides, and the stock markets.

Blessings.....Gassho........may you all be well and blessed. As always I keep you in my prayers and send merit to all.



Total donation goal 500USD

Things i need to furnish my ger:

water barrel and ladle 50k MNT

bed frame 50k MNT

stove 100k

fire place tools, wood holder 20k MNT

floor covering (Lino) 50k MNT

electric hot plate 40k MNT

rice cooker 25k MNT

big wash basin 15k MNT

sparklets-like h2o bottle 10k MNT

milk bottle 15k MNT

thermos -h2o & food- 20k MNT

compost toilet 100k MNT OR {bucket & toilet seat 20k MNT}

total ; 300k MNT -- 250.00 USD

Things needed for the move:

money for: truck, gas, food on trip & a couple of guys to put up the ger Total 150k MNT- 90.00 USD

What is needed to live each month:

food & water 100k

net time 40k MNT

phone 10k MNT

winter; wood & coal: 50k MNT

total 200k MNT = 120.00 USD

Total for move 400,000 MNT -- 250.00 USD

Total monthly living exp: 200,000 MNT -- 120.00 USD

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$25 USD
Hand Cart
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The hand cart is used to transport the water barrel from the water station to the home.
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$50 USD
Lino floor covering
  • 0 claimed
To cover the wood floor a sheet of lino is used in Mongolian Gers. A roll to cover my small Ger would cost about 50. USD
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$50 USD
Water barrel
  • 0 claimed
A water barrel is essential to Ger living. running water is not available in Ger districts and camps so water is transported to home by use of barrels.
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$100 USD
Moving truck
  • 0 claimed
Moving truck and movers. cost covers truck, movers, food, and gas for the trip
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$100 USD
Wood / coal burning stove
  • 0 claimed
Wood and coal burning stove for ger. For cooking and heating the long, cold winter nights.
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