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500 Pound Disabled loving Father needs your help
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My name is Thomas and I am Physically and Mentally Disabled. I am here asking for your help to raise money to help my family. We need money to help get us by until I win my SSI case at the end of this year......continued below

My name is Thomas and I am Physically and Mentally Disabled. I am here asking for your help to raise money to help my family. We need money to help get us by until I win my SSI case at the end of this year. We have a broken down vehicle that needs to be fixed, A lot of medical debt from hospital visits, overde utility bills from rising costs of living and not being able to pay bills in full, and we need help to get me to a Doctor.

I know this is a lot to ask and I do apologize for asking for so much. I know there are some of you wondering more about who I am and how I am disabled so let me explain.

I have severe Bipolar with Psychosis as well as rapid cycling mania and Anxiety disorder. Physically I am affected by Ankylosing Spondylitis, Degerative Disk Disease, Sciatica, High Blood Pressure, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and some undiagnosed health issues that need to be checked such as pre diabetes, heart palpitations, and chest pains. I can go to the ER but I won't be able to pay the bill. I have tried to go and see a Doctor many times but they always charge too much and at the office they want the money upfront and the ER always sends me home with a huge bill and no answers. There answer is always the same and that is to see my primary care Doctor.

I know a lot of people will read that I am so big and dismiss me completely but let me explain. Through my mental issues I also am Addicted to Food the same way a coke head is addicted to coke or a crack head is addicted to crack. I need food to keep calm and for many other ailments. I use food for depression, pain, anger, joy, celebration, everything really. I have lost 100 pounds and gained it all back plus more on two seperate occasions and I have done every diet know to man it feels like. Please do not comment and tell me to lose weight by eating less and moving more because I know that in fact most obese people do we just have underlining problems keeping us from achieving those dreams to be thin and healthy.

Now for the reason I do not have health insurance. I live in Georgia and our Governor opted out of expanding medicaid. If he has expanded medicaid my wife and I would be on it as well. We do not make enough to get the subsidy with Obamacare but we make too much to get medicaid as it is right now. We won't be fined at the end of the year because we are too low to be fined thankfully at least that is what i have been told.

Our utilities are paid as much as possible but some months, well most months, we are only able to pay the minimum amount. We are trying our hardest but recently we were forced to move and the only place we could find is this trailer and it is very expensive compared to where we use live. We are trying our very best to keep surviving but if we can get any help it will take some much needed stress off of us.

If you can please help us and donate we would greatly appreciate it but if not we understand. Please at the least share our campaign so others will see it. If you have any questions please message me or comment I will be glad to answer anything.

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$270 USD
Paying off our Washer and Couch
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In 2013 we needed a Couch and Washing Machine but since we did not have enough to pay out right we purchased one through a furniture company. We missed one payment and after that the payments got so high we kept collecting interest until now we can't finish paying it. They call all the time and visit us frequently even interrupting my wife at work.
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$3,000 USD
Pay off our medical Debt
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After numerous hospital trips and countless tests and scans our medical expenses are through the roof. At least for us it is through the roof. This debt is causing us financial problems and ruining our credit. Our credit is slowly burning to dust and I am afraid it will keep us down forever.
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$35,000 USD
Gastric bypass Weight Loss Surgery
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No I do not think this is an easy way out but I do think this is something that would help me to lose weight. I set the price of this Perk around 10,000 more than average because of the costs of follow up appointments, moving closer to the hospital, and living expenses until we can establish ourselves. I was contacted by a weight loss show that would offer some of this but apparently I do not carry my weight in a way that is considered grotesque enough to be part of their show.
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