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Miracle Mini Steve
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I purchased my English Bulldog Justice in 2005. I had no idea what I was looking for, I just knew the quality I wanted, but I never expected to get the quality I wanted for the amount of money I had to my name to pay for one. Well, Justice ...


I purchased my English Bulldog Justice in 2005. I had no idea what I was looking for, I just knew the quality I wanted, but I never expected to get the quality I wanted for the amount of money I had to my name to pay for one. Well, Justice ended up blessing me more then I could have ever imagined. She had recently had a litter of babies 8 months prior to her passing. I had planned to keep one of her babies, but financially I was unable to do so being I had invested about $7000.00 trying to figure out why she couldn't get pregnant. I had her at a fertility specialist and still nothing. Finally I was referred to a veterinarian that ended up making my dream come true being she was such an incredible girl. So after many failed breedings, I couldn't afford to keep any of the puppies due to all of the expenses I had incurred, so I planned to keep a puppy out of her next litter, and was so excited beyond words. Well, sadly I lost her in an accident when she was just five years of age, and I was left with none of her bloodline to carry on. I ended up taking out loans to buy two of her previous babies back from two families that were so generous and had a heart of gold and felt I needed to carry on her lines... I couldn't have asked for more. Steve and Liberty came back home to live with me at 8 months of age. I ended up placing Steve with Diane and Pat Slocum, who I trust with my life. There was a new topical heartworm, flea and tick preventative out called Trifexis that was recommended to Diane from the vet - in which causes death, but that was completely unknown at the time since it had just been put on the market for every puppy and dog. Diane trusted her vet, and said of course because he said this new preventative was amazing. After several months, Steve started having severe seizures from the Trifexis, as many many dogs were having, but it was going unreported at the time. The side effects from Trifexis, ended up taking his young little life, which has been devastating to thousands, as so many loved him and followed his every move. I then bred Liberty and had four babies, which are Sally Mae Slocum, Tessa Mae, Collosus and Gerrard, again I couldn't afford to keep any of them back, thinking I will keep one from Liberty's next litter. When we took Liberty in for her ultrasound - which I posted out of pure excitement, because they saw at least 4 babies on one side of her horn, and I was screaming from happiness! Well it came time for Liberty to have her litter on March 5, 2014. We went in for her c-section, and when our new vet pulled out "ONE" baby only... I was mortified to see what I saw. Everything was infected, and we were certain the "ONE" baby would never live, being all of the other babies had reabsorbed and her uterus was in terrible condition. All I prayed for at that moment was that Liberty live first and foremost, and I focused on the baby while she focused on this mess in Liberty's uterus. My vet and I knew in our hearts the baby was dead, and probably had been for several days... To my surprise, he took a breath and my heart started pounding out of my chest!!! Our vet then came over and was in as much shock as I was, and she started working hard on him. I still wasn't sure he would even make it home due to the infection that killed all of the other babies. My vet then explained that her uterus was in such bad condition with scar tissue and infection - that she didn't feel comfortable saying she could have another litter. My baby boy survived and is a living miraculous gift from God... he has to be - he should have never lived, and that's words straight from my veterinarian. HE IS MY "TRUE MIRACLE BABY"!!! I pray that he can stay with his mommy Liberty and myself as his human mommy, after 9 years of trying to keep part of my beautiful Justice to pass her legacy on! I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading my story, because if you read my story, you care enough about someone you don't even know, and for that - I can't thank you all enough for the loving support you've all shown... I truly see it, and it's real... I never dreamt anyone would even care about me and my feelings, and never did I think anyone would care enough to help me in my dream to keep this one and only baby boy here with his two mommies!!!

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I didn't want to spell correct or change a word of this text from Jamie as this poured out of her heart, real raw feelings.  I just want to add I will be sending a Geoff calendar to everyone that donates.  PM me on fb of your address.  It will take me a few weeks to get the calendars printed so no worries of getting one.  Lori Arost Bluni has so graciously donated 5 paintings to the first five to donate $100.00 or more, now that is a win win for everyone.  Lori's dad just passed away but she found it in her heart to help Jamie who she doesn't even know, but due to her big heart she is willing to do this.  I know alot of people are going thru fiancial rough times and if you can't donate thats ok, all I ask is to please say a prayer that we will make this miracle puppy stay with the mommy he was put on earth to stay with forever.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by

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