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Thomas's Love - Saving Skinny Dogs With Long Noses
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On May 14 it will be 15 years since my precious irreplaceable sixteen and a half year old son Thomas James Love lost his fight for life after being hit by a stolen speeding car. It has been a long hard journey to get to where I am now and for ...

On May 14th it will be 15 years since my irreplaceable sixteen and a half year old son Thomas James Love lost his six hours of fight for life. Thomas died as a result of being hit by a stolen car driven at speed and out of control.

The journey from the emergency room at Homerton Hospital, Hackney, London to 'NOW' has been the most painful, difficult and hardest of my life. In honesty, I don't really know how I managed to stay alive - the craving to go and find my boy almost claimed me .... Josh, his brother and my love affair with dogs, kept me rooted here.

To honour and thank Thomas for those sixteen and a half years, I have decided to tattoo the words; 'Thomas's love makes all things possible' around my left wrist.

The tattoo will be done on May 14th,  it's going to be a very hard day for me. I don't have any other tattoos - this will be my first ! The physical and emotional pain does scare me and I will have to dig deep to get through. Please think of this as my own personal Marathon, I am already in training for this, I am scared and I will need courage to get through .

Everyone that knows us will also know that  WE LOVE DOGS! Paolo, Fayth, Rosie, Dylan, Lola and now Wilf kept me going.  I actually believe I may owe my life to dogs and if not my life, then my happiness and joy in living.

Losing Thomas has taught me what it is to suffer, every second, minute, hour of every day...a relentless pain that nags on and on, never leaves you, attacks every part of your body, mind and soul.

The Galgo Espanol  (Spanish Greyhound) is suffering and in critical need of help from humans all over the world. Hunting with dogs is legal in Spain and thousands of these beautiful other worldly hounds lead desperate lives, lives not worth living at really.  Every year a Galguero ( hunter with hounds) will raise a pack of up to twenty Galgos. Not all, but many thousands of these dogs are kept in the most appalling conditions. The training techniques used are brutal, punishments are brutal. Hunters get rid of their Galgos when they are around 3 - 4 years old. They are disposed of by barbaric methods, hanging is a favourite, throwing them alive into deep wells, weighting them and throwing them into canals and sewer many cruel ways.

The Baasgalgo Association is a registered charity which works tirelessly to rescue and save Galgos . They are based in Madrid where they have a residency in which the dogs are safe and secure. There is also a foster care system in operation, amazing humans who have opened their hearts to the Galgo take them into their lives and nurture them in preparation for their forever life. Baasgalgo relies entirely upon the generosity of others and is run entirely by volunteers. The work of the volunteers on the ground in Madrid is truly jaw dropping, they visit the Perreras (Killing Stations) , they go out and search for dead Galgos, they respond to calls from the Guardia, the public, they feed strays, they capture, they foster, they rehabilitate, they adopt, they  give and carry on giving. They are awesome humans.

There are currently over 200 Galgos at the residency and awaiting fostering & adoption. The vet and treatments bill for last month came to 18,000 euros and to keep the residency going is 8,000 euros a month. Baasglago is entirely supported by volunteers and fundraising, it does not receive any governmental funding.

I am 1500% certain that my Thomas is spurring me on to do every single thing I can do to help relieve the suffering and save the lives of these hounds. Both of my boys were brought up to love and respect animals, they saw me saving and rescuing all manner of creatures. Tom always always helped, he always expected me to help and by tattoing this mantra; 'Thomas's love makes all thing possible' around my wrist will be his constant reminder to me to continue helping.

I have set my target at £1,500 to represent the 15 long long years since I last saw my boy on this earth. Please support me in achieving this target and helping The Association Baasgalgo to continue their work to create a better future for the Galgo Espanol .

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