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Jonathan's Journey: A story of a young 26 year old male dealing with such a heart wrenching diseases at such a young age. Through such an ordeal he is maintaining his hope and faith, not once has he felt the need to dwell over it all.


Jonathan's Journey:

It all began a few year's ago, he would have problem's breathing, when he was awake he would stop breathing, when he was sleeping he would stop breathing, we went to the doctor and they all had the same diagnosis " Overweight, Severe Sleep apnea and Chronic Sinusitis" well, after Memorial day 2013 that night he told me he was scared and he couldn't breath, we took him to the E.R and they took a CT scan of his head and his throat, they told him he was okay and they sent him home telling him that he had sinusitis and to continue the medication that he was already taking at the time.
            The next day we slept in because we didn't get back home till about 4am, I woke up and had about 25-30 missed calls from his primary doctor, she ordered stat blood work and a stat CT with Contrast. As soon as she got the results back (as he waited) she ordered him to go to the Hospital everything was set up so that he would be a direct admission what happened next we did not expect.
          His first hospital stay they did multiple test and scan's, they found that he had a tumor which they thought to be on his skull in the back of his throat. They had to go in and take a piece so they could do a biopsy on. Since they were unable to intubate him he had to be trached because is airway was so obstructed. A few day's later we received the results; the tumor that is inside my fiancée is a Chordoma Tumor- a Rare bone cancer that is slow growing. The hospital that he was at and the team of doctors did not believe they were capable of doing it nor were they comfortable.
        The next step was to transfer to U of C a teaching hospital and what a fantastic place full of doctors that knew what they were doing, we had a team of compassionate doctors that had faith that they could heal him. Jonathan had to have a few surgery's he had to have a peg tube place, his first surgery was a spinal fusion because the tumor was wrapped around his c1 and c2 vertebrae which in return killed his bone and had to have those taken out and replaced with Rods, pins, and bone graft. The next day was his major surgery, they went threw his mouth and took as much of "Henry" out as they could. From what we understood there was a pea sized amount left on his lower right brain stem, which they then said was about 3 fingers left. The plan was to be discharged heal and return for proton therapy. Well, he was discharged went to inpatient therapy got discharged had outpatient therapy and a few days ago we had to go in for a MRI and they discovered what we didn't want them to...
       Henry has returned, BIGGER and with a tail trailing down his spin to his c6 vertebra, we are asking for help because the Doctors we feel do not feel comfortable performing this surgery, they said there is a possibility that they would have to cut him from the nose down and cutting open his palate. They have referred him off to an out of state hospital in Boston for the upcoming surgeries. Since he has been unable to work the financial Burdon has taken over and we cannot do it alone, we are asking for your help to cover the Lodging, Travel, and General Expenses of being there, also since he has officially been terminated from his job he has then been let go from his insurance company and that is were Cobra comes in.
      Through this whole ordeal he has not once felt bad for himself but it has taken his faith above and beyond, his love for our lord has grown and he does not want people to think that he is giving up. We believe that the Lord will bless us. Amen

So, adding on to jonathans journey, he will be leaving for his 2 part surgey on december 5, 2013 his first one will be Dec. 11, 2013 the second will be a week later. He will be going to johns hopkins in Baltimore.  Thank you for your support and prayers.

For the latest updates his family has set up a Facebook group in order to provide updates and support for Jonathan and his family through this journey. You can join this, by following this link:


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