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Ruptured Disc = Stranded & Need a Stair Lift!
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My name is Julie Finley, and I recently ruptured my L4/L5 Lumbar disc so bad, that I need to have surgery. It is pressing on my spinal cord, causing extreme pain radiating down to my ankle, and numbness/tingling/weakness in my left foot, ...

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My name is Julie Finley, and I recently ruptured my L4/L5 Lumbar disc so bad, that I need to have surgery. It is pressing on my spinal cord, causing extreme pain radiating down to my ankle, and numbness/tingling/weakness in my left foot, causing a nerve disability called  "Foot Drop".
I am having an extremely hard time doing basic stuff like walking (and even sitting... sitting causes unbearable pain). The type of work I do is Graphic Design, but I can no longer do it, because I cannot sit in a desk chair for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I also have bone degeneration around the disc. This has been an issue amongst my doctors (and I need further testing) to determine whether or not I will not just need a  discectomy, but possibly a spinal fusion

Here are some lovely images from my recent MRI and CT.

Massive Herniation

Plus, on top of the ruptured disc, I've had an on-going issue with my knees called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. This has been a problem for a good 5+ years, and is only getting worse. I don't have any photos of X-Rays to post, but the treatment I've had for that, has failed (which was cortisone shots in both knees, several months of physical therapy, and wearing uncomfortable knee braces). Unfortunately, it has changed the way I walk, which in turn, has made me put more stress on my lower back -- probably another factor as to why the disc ruptured in the first place!

Luckily I do have health insurance (but I still have to jump through hoops to even get tests done, because everything needs a pre-authorization).

With that said... insurance doesn't cover everything. I have spoken with my insurance provider in regards to what they will cover for home medical equipment. They will cover the very basics, but nothing that could possibly make my home handicap accessible, and it will only apply to post-op rehabilitation. In other words... I could really use a  walker NOW (so I am stumbling around with my cane for the time being) -- I will just probably bite the bullet and shell out cash for that, instead of waiting around for the insurance to make up their minds on coverage, because the cane is just causing me to shift all of my weight to the right leg, causing more pain in the knee.

So here is my current dilemma. My home is very inaccessible in regards to the  ADA standards. I am having a very hard time just leaving my house, based on the architecture. 

This is why I could really use a  STAIR LIFT!

I called around to a few local providers in my area that supply/install stair lifts, and the cheapest price I was quoted, was $2650! 

I can't afford that! I am probably going to go broke with the medical bills (because like I said, insurance will only cover so much) -- but how in the hell am I going to get surgery and post-op care, if I can barely walk? My home requires very steep stairs to exit (no matter what!) 

To give you an idea of what I am up against... here are some photos of the stairs I need to use to exit my home.

Front Exit:

(This last photo is taken at the same level as the driveway. The bush that is in the middle of the photo, conceals the concrete stairs up to the front door. It would be ALOT easier to get in/out of my house through the garage door, but I have to deal with the steep basement stairwell to do that, as you will see in the next set of photos).

Basement Access (it connects to the garage, which is a direct exit to the outdoors):

I can take a direct left and be in the garage, which doesn't require climbing the hill out in front of my house).

Back Exit:

So... I am pretty much trapped in my home. I have a partner, but... if he were to carry me up/down any of these stairs, he'd end up with a herniation, too!

So this is exactly why I need your help! I need to buy a stair lift that can be installed into the basement stairwell. Since that is indoors, it would never be exposed to the weather (plus, it would have to be near an outlet to plug in, to charge the battery on it).
I am really sick of the fact that I am in chronic pain... but, I don't like being a 'shut-in' either! Both things are affecting me mentally, and in order to get well (pre and post-op) I can't take any chances by falling down stairs!!

I've seen people donate money to women that want breast implants (that don't need them) ... I just want to be able to enter/exit my house without killing myself! So, please help!!!

I hate begging, but folks... its really hard for me to get in/out of my house!  I need your help, because I can't afford a stair lift... and I most certainly don't need to injure myself even more than before!

Even if you have no money to spare, could you at least post the link on whatever social media you use (wherein this could be appropriate?) If you have a blog, tumblr, twitter, facebook, reddit, or whatever else you kill time with... please repost the link! I am not joking... I need some help!

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